'Infinite Nijisanji distribution automatic cropping player' that automatically plays back the excitement of live distribution of Nijisanji and Hololive at a specified time

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber), which distributes live games using 2D illustrations and 3DCG model avatars instead of the actual appearance, is remarkably active, and

one theory is that many VTubers are active, exceeding 13,000 people. doing. However, it is almost impossible to chase so many VTubers. Hororaibu and rainbow disaster also focused only on the major groups, such as, it takes considerable effort to check the delivery of Vtuber who are dozens.

The 'infinite Nijisanji distribution automatic cropping player ' provided by laiso automatically specifies the time when comments are raised in the distribution of Nijisanji and Hololive's VTuber (river), and literally infinitely. Since it will be displayed, you can check the delivery quickly.

Infinite Nijisanji delivery automatic cropping player

When you access it, it looks like this. The delivery archive is displayed with the embedded player. Looking at the playback time, it was played from the middle of distribution. Note that automatic playback is not performed, so you need to click the play button again.

Click the title displayed on the embedded player to display the corresponding page on YouTube.

In the movie where the comments were exciting this time, Chigusa Nishizono , who was excited by the update of the 2D model, was about to decide ' the last getdan before the update'.

Infinite Nijisanji distribution Return to the automatic cropping player and click 'Next video' ...

Another streamed video will be displayed. According to laiso, the infinite Nijisanji distribution automatic cropping player is just a prototype, and the function itself is very simple.

Also, even if you do not click 'Next Video', it will automatically transition to the next video in 60 seconds. Therefore, if you leave the automatic cropping player for Nijisanji distribution infinitely displayed, the points of distribution of various rivers will be displayed infinitely.

Although it is 'cut out', in reality it is just specifying the time with the official YouTube embedded player. Therefore, you can also use the picture-in-picture function.

As the name suggests, the Nijisanji distribution automatic cropping player is targeted for distribution by Nijisanji affiliated rivers, but by adding a parameter of '? H = 1' to the URL, You can look around the automatic cropping of Hololive rivers.

Infinite Nijisanji delivery automatic cropping player

You can also specify the date with a parameter added to the end of the URL, such as '? Date = 2021-04-18'.

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