'VTuber Chat Trends' that you can see the trend words in VTuber's in-delivery chat at a glance

The popular topics that are excited by the live distribution of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) can be read to some extent from the viewer's comments, but it is very difficult to check the large amount and long time distribution of VTuber later, and the viewer's It takes a lot of effort to include comments. ' VTuber Chat Trends ' automatically analyzes VTuber's comments and visualizes which keywords and topics were raised in the distribution, which is useful when you want to chase VTuber later.

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When you access the page, it looks like this. Below is a list of recent distributions by compatible VTubers. If you have the VTuber you are looking for, click 'List of supported VTubers'.

The VTuber icon and name are lined up in a row, so click the VTuber icon you like. This time, I will check the delivery of

'Ange Katrina ', the official Nijisanji beautiful girl alchemist river.

The distributions so far are lined up with thumbnails. Click on the delivery you like.

Then, the comment list of the delivery is displayed as a graph at what timing and how many were posted during the delivery time. You can see that 'Yeah, I'm here', which is the usual greeting for delivery, is concentrated at the beginning, and 'Thank you for your hard work' is concentrated almost at the end. Also, you can see that 'grass' often appears in comments throughout the whole story. Also, in 'grass', you can see that similar comments such as 'w', 'ww', and 'grass' are also picked up together.

It can be seen from the graph that the word 'gorilla' is concentrated and written only at a certain moment in such a group of comments.

When you click around the peak of the graph, a cursor will appear and the button 'Play from this area' will be displayed. If you don't understand why the comment section was raised in 'Gorilla' during a chat, you can actually check it by pressing the 'Play from here' button.

When clicked, it was automatically played from the corresponding time of

the delivery archive. In addition, the comment section of 'Gorilla' was excited because the person who was planning to co-star wrote 'Hobby: Gorilla' in the profile, and I thought about how to spread the talk with gorilla. It seems that it was because it was.

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