What is 'OnlyFans', an SNS where many sexual contents are posted?

OnlyFans, a social media service with a lot of sexual content, is beginning to be recognized as one of the ways to make money for those who are unemployed by the new coronavirus. However, it has been pointed out that the earning of top users and other users is very different, and it takes a lot of effort to succeed.

OnlyFans Isn't Just Porn;) --The New York Times

With OnlyFans, which started its service in 2016, creators can distribute content such as photos and videos, and at that time, it is possible to make a monthly 'subscription' at the price set by the creator. I can do it. OnlyFans creators earn an average of $ 180 (about 20,000 yen), but some of the top creators earn millions of dollars (hundreds of millions of yen) a month. The number of OnlyFans users was 7 million as of December 2019, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it has exceeded 50 million in August 2020.

What is the reason why the distribution of sexual content has increased on membership-based SNS before it was called 'the direct sales office of pornography'? --GIGAZINE

Gia, one of the creators of content distribution on OnlyFans, wakes up at 6am every morning and replies to messages from fans. If it's Friday, I'll shoot the content for that week, and if it's another day, I'll sit at my desk until noon to edit and post the video. And we have established a lifestyle of keeping online until 6 pm and replying to messages from fans. Gia describes OnlyFans as a 'virtual strip club' and says he's very happy with his life.

The number of OnlyFans creators has skyrocketed after the new coronavirus has left many unemployed sex workers. Many of the top creators of OnlyFans originally gained fans on Instagram and Twitter, and the creators who participated in OnlyFans due to sudden unemployment advertised on other SNS and increased the number of subscribers one by one. I had to go. OnlyFans has announced that it has returned $ 3 billion (about 330 billion yen) to creators since the service started, but there are statistics that 73% of it was given to the top 10% of top creators.

However, Ashley of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), an organization that protects the human rights of sex workers, says, 'OnlyFans is an exciting redistribution of wealth.' Ashley says, 'I know more than 10 transgender people who earn more than $ 10,000 a month on OnlyFans. There are other services that transgender people can earn like this. I don't know, 'he said, and believes OnlyFans is beneficial to sex workers who have had a job.

In reality, sex workers are vulnerable to crime and tend to be excluded from social media online.

Since December 2020, when Pornhub banned unauthorized users from uploading content , lost sex workers have gathered at OnlyFans to actively distribute content.

However, some sex workers claim that 'OnlyFans wants to hide the existence of sex workers' because OnlyFans is not a dedicated platform for delivering sexual content and has no search function or tag menu. In this regard, Ashley speculates that 'OnlyFans is right trying to hide sex workers, but this is a clever tactic to minimize legal liability and maintain the site.'

'The substance of OnlyFans, known as the Equal Opportunity Platform, is completely saturated,' said Katie Simon of 'Whose Corner Is It Anyway,' a mutual aid group of sex workers. It reiterates that only a few creators make a fair amount of money. 'OnlyFans isn't forever, it's only a matter of time before it's gone,' said Kimberly Kane, one of the top creators.

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