Apple's M1 equipped 'iPad Pro' review summary, I think that it is a frenzy with M1 installed and dry reviews stand out

At the distribution event held by Apple on April 21, 2021, we announced the new 5th generation iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro is equipped with the ' M1 ' chip, which has received rave reviews from overseas media, and is expected to take the iPad to a new level. Reviews of such M1 equipped iPad Pro are appearing one after another from overseas media, so I tried to summarize what kind of reaction it is.

The new iPad Pro with M1 has 50% faster CPU and up to 40% faster GPU graphics performance than its predecessor, the iPad Pro. The housing design hasn't changed, but it's also more power efficient and doubles the speed of access to storage. In addition, the input / output port is a Thunderbolt port that also supports USB 4, so the bandwidth for wired connection is four times that of the conventional port (up to 40 Gbps). In addition, Apple has boasted that it is the 'most advanced mobile display' with a display equivalent to the Pro Display XDR.

New 'iPad Pro' equipped with M1 chip appears, iPad goes to a higher level --GIGAZINE

The Verge describes the new iPad Pro as a 'dream display,' and 'the only important question on the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is,'Do you want a great display?'' Is so great that I think it's the best option for watching movies outside of high-end TVs, 'he said, praising the new iPad Pro's display.

The Verge, the new iPad Pro is an excellent benchmark score a hammered equipped with the M1 chip, also taking into account the fact that plays a variety of upgrade, 'even a great M1 chip, something the iPad Pro, iPad It doesn't radically change the story of what you can do with the Pro. After all, the iPad is the iPad. ' He points out that it will be an important factor in some cases.

There are two types of displays, 'liquid crystal' and 'organic EL'. In organic EL, each pixel emits light by itself, but liquid crystal uses multiple LED backlights to illuminate the pixels together. Therefore, the liquid crystal display has the advantages of being relatively inexpensive, long-lasting, bright and hard to burn, and the organic EL has the advantage that black pixels do not light at all, that is, it can express excellent contrast. However, organic EL has the disadvantage that it is more expensive and less bright than liquid crystal.

However, the display of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro uses a mini LED display (officially called Liquid Retina XDR display). This mini LED display is a technology that can reproduce organic EL level contrast on a liquid crystal display. As a result, compared to the 11-inch model that uses a conventional liquid crystal display, the 12.9-inch model is truly black in black, and it is said that it is a very bright display while providing a high contrast ratio. In addition, it seems that the advantage of the mini LED display can be felt 'when displaying movies and photos in full screen', 'HDR content is particularly wonderful, I am not a display quality enthusiast, but the 12.9 inch model display Shows the same performance as high-end OLED TVs, especially in dark rooms, 'says The Verge.

In addition, The Verge has the advantages of the M1 equipped iPad Pro, 'Amazing mini LED display (12.9 inch model only)' 'High-speed M1 chip' 'The camera automatically arranges the subject adopted by the in-camera in the center of the frame 'Center frame function to pan and zoom with' is listed.

On the other hand, there are three bad points: 'There is no multi-user support', 'Camera position', and 'There are still restrictions on the iPad OS itself'. In particular, The Verge is dissatisfied with the fact that the iPad Pro doesn't have Mac apps, even though it has an M1 chip. Also, although the performance of the M1 chip is overwhelming, even when using the app for the iPad, 'I felt almost no speed improvement', and the benefits of the M1 chip on the iPad Pro are as dramatic as on the Mac. Did not feel to The Verge. However, he points out that users of apps that require high computing power, such as the upcoming LumaFusion, will benefit from the M1 chip. He also noted that there are still many restrictions on using the iPad like a computer because there are still few I / O ports.

iPad Pro (2021) review: M1 processor, Mini LED screen, and more --The Verge

MacStories said, 'Since the introduction of the iPad Pro, software has evolved slowly against the hardware that has evolved dramatically, and many people have questioned the gap between the two. To bridge this gap, Apple announced the iPad OS. However, the new iPad Pro in 2021 is the latest M1 chip designed by Apple and the latest, just by widening the gap between hardware and software. There is still no exciting software that can exhaust the powerful hardware such as the Liquid Retina XDR display and 16GB of memory. ' Pointed out that there is.

He added, 'I would say that I've been using the iPad as my main computer for nearly a decade, but from a mere hardware standpoint, the new iPad Pro is what we dreamed of, so 2021. Let's wait for the iPad OS to be updated at WWDC, 'and we're looking forward to a software update that will take advantage of the new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2021 Review: Future on Standby --MacStories

Six Colors said, 'The 2021 iPad Pro will use the same M1 chip found on four Macs, and with Thunderbolt 3 and 5G support, it will have a much larger update than the 2020 version. Yes. In fact, the 12.9-inch model is a very groundbreaking device thanks to its stunning display. Still, the same as in 2018, 'What are these powerful specs for? The question arises: 'I feel that the iPad Pro has become a device that does not fully realize its amazing hardware potential due to the iPad OS.' Pointed out that he was not catching up.

In addition, the most striking new feature of the 2021 iPad Pro is the 'Liquid Retina XDR display, which is only available on the 12.9-inch model.' 'It's a great display for watching movies,' he said.

In addition, as a side effect caused by adopting the new display, 'the terminal became 0.5 mm thicker and weighed about 50 g' was mentioned, but 'I did notice it when I first picked it up, but not so much. It wasn't a big difference and I was able to get used to it quickly, 'said Six Colors.

2021 iPad Pro review: All systems go, but where? – Six Colors

On the other hand, The Loop said, 'I've been using the iPad Pro with M1 for about a week, and this new device has a lot of appeal. Obviously, the main feature of the new feature is the M1 chip designed by Apple. There are many other features that make the iPad fun for everyone, 'he praised the M1 iPad Pro.

Other media have pointed out that the software side has not caught up with the performance of the M1 chip, but The Loop says, 'M1 so that even apps that require higher computing power that will appear in the future can be easily processed. The on-board iPad Pro is designed, 'he said, pointing out that it has the potential to play an active role in various fields such as professional use, science, education, and business. Especially in the audio industry, The Loop hopes that the iPad Pro with M1 will do everything.

In addition, the dedicated accessory Magic Keyboard has been described as 'essential for the majority of users' that turns the iPad Pro into an efficient one, and it can be connected to the main unit without using a USB-C port, and it is dirty. And praises its high resistance to discoloration.

iPad Pro M1 Review

iMore's advantages of the new iPad Pro are 'mini LED display (12.9-inch model only)', 'convenient in-camera center frame function', 'M1 chip provides incredible performance improvement', and 'as a tablet'. 'The best speaker and microphone' 'It feels very close to a laptop with Magic Keyboard', while the bad points are 'Mediocre battery' '5G' 'Mini LED display on 11 inch model' He pointed out four points: 'not adopted' and 'adding accessories makes it very expensive'.

iPad Pro (2021) review: One more reason to go pro | iMore

Pocket-lint said, 'The new iPad Pro continues to move to iPad laptops, but offers the closest replacement experience to date. The hardware is ready, but the only restraint. Is software, 'he said, pointing out that the software imposes restrictions on the iPad Pro. 'For users looking for more than just basic typing and surfing, the iPad Pro with the M1 chip offers great opportunities for both work and play. In every respect, the 12.9-inch model The iPad Pro is like a 5G & touchscreen-enabled MacBook Pro that runs the iPad OS instead of the macOS. It's the closest thing to a laptop. Still, the iPad Pro is still in the transition to a laptop, and Apple We still need to lift the software restrictions. If you're looking for something more notebook-like, look forward to the iPad OS 15 coming in late 2021. '

Pocket-lint has four advantages of the new iPad Pro: 'brighter and more beautiful mini LED display (12.9-inch model only)', 'ease of use', 'in-camera', and '5G compatible'. 'There are cases where the center frame function of the in-camera makes a mistake' and 'Software restrictions'. While many media praise the in-camera's centerframe feature, Pocket-lint cites it as a drawback.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021) review: The iOS laptop

CNET also said, 'It's a leap forward in terms of hardware. A few things like the new M1 chip, a mini LED display that looks as good as the OLED on the 12.9-inch model, and an in-camera that tracks me during Zoom. There are new features, and don't forget the 5G. The hardware looks almost perfect, but it's not a Mac yet because it runs the same OS as all other iPads. ' He pointed out that he is not familiar with Mac due to software restrictions like media.

In addition, CNET dislikes the four favorite points of the M1 equipped iPad Pro: 'Very high-speed M1 chip', 'Wide-angle front camera center frame function', '12.9-inch model mini LED display', and '5G compatible'. The three points are 'iPad OS that is not flexible enough to unleash the possibility of multitasking', 'The position of the in-camera is not the best position for video calls such as Zoom', and 'Accessories make the price high'. I did.

Apple iPad Pro review: New screen, 5G and M1 chip, but FYI it's still not a Mac --CNET

TechRadar said, 'The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M1 is the best tablet you can buy for money, with the best power and great display, numerous small upgrades, and an all-round experience that Apple has to deal with. It's the best choice for anyone who wants an unrivaled tablet experience, but it's not suitable for everyone due to its large size and high price. Buy another tablet that's more portable and affordable. In some cases it's better to do it, but it's definitely the best tablet, 'he praised the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the M1. Unlike other media, I had the impression that the iPad Pro was evaluated as a tablet.

The M1's 12.9-inch iPad Pro has three advantages: 'amazing power,' 'great display,' and 'powerful battery life.' The disadvantages are 'price' and '128GB of storage is too small.' 'The matte color option' is listed.

iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) review: a best in class tablet | TechRadar

Digital Trends also pointed out that the iPad Pro is in transition. As the new iPad Air attracted users at an affordable price, Apple notes that the iPad Pro has adopted the surprisingly high-performance M1 chip that it also used on the Mac to raise the bar for the iPad Pro.

Digital Trends also said, 'There are multiple upgrades besides the M1 chip, but probably none of them. Among the other features, the mini LED display on the 12.9-inch model, followed by 5G-enabled USB. Four ports may be a new feature, but is the sum of all of them a tablet worth spending more than the iPad Air? ' In addition, the previous model iPad Pro also has a sufficiently powerful chip, 'Since it still maintains the high performance as it was at the time of purchase, there are at least scenes where the performance of the M1 chip is fully exhibited. It doesn't seem like it's there yet, 'written Digital Trends.

Digital Trends cites five advantages of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro: 'incredible performance,' 'beautiful display,' 'superb design,' 'center frame function,' and 'USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 port.' .. On the other hand, he cited two bad points: 'almost MacBook-level price' and 'the 11-inch model does not have a mini LED display.'

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021) Review: The Best Gets Better | Digital Trends

The Independent said, 'The new iPad Pro looks the same as the 2020 model, but when powered on, the Liquid Retina XDR display and ultra-fast M1 chip make the iPad Pro a much better tablet than anything else. I notice that it is finished, 'he praised the new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro review: Don't be fooled into thinking this is more of the same – it is a vision of the future | The Independent

A review of the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro, Tom's Guide said, 'The new iPad Pro is the best, brightest, and fastest iPad ever.' 'M1 chip, mini LED display, and 5G support make you feel luxurious. If you want to taste it, it's the best iPad. ' The advantages of the 12.9-inch M1-equipped iPad Pro are 'a display that is up to 200% brighter than competing products,' 'the best-performing M1 chip in iPad history,' 'cool center frame function,' and 'USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 port support.' '5G compatible' was mentioned, and two negative points were 'the best display for HDR content' and 'expensive accessories'.

Tom's Guide describes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an M1 as 'arguably the best tablet available today,' while 'obviously overkill and needed to be this fast. I think the same can be said for the display. Did you need more than 1500 nits of brightness? ', Pointing out that the hardware has excessive specifications. Many media praised the 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, but Tom's Guide said, 'I watched the HDR content side by side with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, but I felt the dramatic difference I expected. I couldn't do it. '

iPad Pro 2021 (12.9-inch) review: The best kind of overkill | Tom's Guide

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