A movie that makes Waymo's self-driving taxi impossible to drive with a single color cone

A movie has been released in which an autonomous taxi developed by Waymo, which was spun off from Google's autonomous vehicle development department, becomes inoperable due to a single color cone placed on the road.

A driverless Waymo got stuck in traffic and then tried to run away from its support crew --The Verge

Waymo's AI taxi thwarted by traffic cones, then made everything worse

Waymo offers Waymo One , a fully self-driving car ride hailing service in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. In addition, the self-driving taxi operated by Waymo One is said to have adopted level 4 self-driving technology.

Joel Johnson, who used such Waymo One, released a movie that contains the moment when an autonomous taxi becomes inoperable due to a traffic cone and creates traffic jams. Overseas media The Verge wrote, 'It is rare that an unedited movie that makes Waymo's self-driving car inoperable is released.'

The appearance of Waymo One being unable to run due to the color cone starts around 12 minutes 22 seconds in the following movie.

Waymo Self Driving Taxi Fumbles In Construction Zone, Blocks Traffic | JJRicks Rides With Waymo # 54 --YouTube

Waymo One made a right and left turn without any problem halfway, but as soon as I encountered a traffic cone (red frame) placed on the road, I was completely unable to drive. After that, you will end up stuck in front of the cone for more than 18 minutes until the driver dispatched by the support team drives to avoid the cone.

Waymo One has eight cameras and a team of remote assistants to monitor the real-time feeds coming from them. So if Waymo One encounters any difficulties, Waymo's remote assistant team can see what's happening with the human eye and help Waymo One behave with the push of a button. However, the remote assistant team cannot operate the vehicle remotely, and 'can only provide advice on how to get out of the problem that the vehicle has encountered.'

Regarding the movie released by Johnson, Waymo said, 'Since the remote assistant team provided incorrect guidance, it became difficult for AI to resume driving on the desired route, and finally the roadside assistant team was dispatched to the scene. I had to do it, 'he said, claiming that the stalling was not due to autonomous driving technology, but to human error.

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