Android version of 'Clubhouse' will soon be available in Japan

It was announced that the Android version of the popular voice-based SNS application ' Clubhouse ' will be available in Japan from May 18, 2021.

Clubhouse updated its Twitter account on May 17th and announced that it will roll out the Android version of Clubhouse on May 18th in Japan, Brazil and Russia. It has also been announced that it will be rolled out to Nigeria and India on May 21st, and then worldwide.

The invitation-only voice-based SNS 'Clubhouse' became popular among entrepreneurs and artists when the iOS version was released in April 2020, and the number of users was 2 million in January 2021. Break through . We have also succeeded in raising a total of more than 1 billion yen from investors twice.

Voice-based invitation-only SNS 'Clubhouse' succeeded in raising funds for the second time, Android version application will be released --GIGAZINE

On May 9, 2021, Clubhouse announced that it will deploy the Android version of the app in the United States. The basic functions are the same as the iOS version, and we have announced that we will gradually add the money throwing function 'Payments' and the community (CLUB) creation function, etc., and will expand to English-speaking countries and all over the world one after another. .. In addition, Clubhouse will add new features in the future, such as 'Listing users who have made payments to themselves', 'Listing users who have met in the same room in the last 10 days', and 'Listing other users in their profile ( People) tagging ”etc. have been announced.

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