In a situation where production of automobiles and home appliances is stopped due to a global shortage of semiconductors

The global semiconductor shortage that will continue from 2020 is affecting the production of a wide range of products such as game consoles and automobiles. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the production of multiple home appliances and automobile equipment has stopped, and people's lives are beginning to be affected.

Chip shortage is starting to have major real-world consequences

◆ Status of the consumer electronics industry
'There is a serious imbalance in the supply and demand of chips in the global IT sector,' Samsung Co-CEO Ko Dong-jin said at the annual meeting held on March 17, 2021 local time. It has been revealed that the announcement of the 2021 model of the company's flagship smartphone ' Galaxy Note ', which is announcing the model, may be postponed.

Samsung warns that there is a serious semiconductor shortage on a global scale, affecting smartphone production-GIGAZINE

In addition, it is difficult to obtain chips for the production of home appliances such as

toasters and dishwashers due to the decrease in the supply of low-priced chips and the influence of some companies securing a large amount of chips. I have fallen into.

In addition, the global shortage of semiconductors is affecting products such as pet shampoo machines , electric toothbrushes and washing machines. CNBC said, 'As technology advances, semiconductors are used not only in computers and automobiles, but also in daily necessities such as toothbrushes and washing machines. The global shortage of semiconductors has a major impact on these products. I'm giving it. '

◆ Status of the automobile industry
In the automobile industry, the production of automobile equipment has been suspended due to the global shortage of semiconductors. For example, it has been reported that Nissan has a shortage of navigation system production and usually excludes navigation systems from vehicles equipped with navigation systems.

Ram Trucks , known for producing pickup trucks, also provided rear-view mirrors that cover blind spots with camera images, but a Ram Trucks spokeswoman said, 'Electronic parts needed to produce rear-view mirrors. Due to the limited supply of vehicles, we have stopped offering options for each model, 'he said, revealing that the production of automobile equipment has stopped due to the shortage of semiconductors.

In addition, since it has become impossible for major car rental companies Hearts and Enterprise to purchase new cars in large quantities, they are beginning to rely on the purchase of used cars with short mileage. 'The global shortage of microchips has affected the entire car rental industry's ability to order new cars,' a Hearts spokeswoman told CNBC.

Global semiconductor shortage is hitting automakers-GIGAZINE

◆ Time required to resolve semiconductor shortage
On May 3, 2021, the world's largest semiconductor foundry TSMC is, a 'chip shortage in the automotive industry are resolved to around June 2021' remark was. However, Patrick Armstrong, CIO of Pllurimi Investment Management , a consulting service for investors, told CNBC, 'TSMC says that the supply shortage of semiconductors for automobiles will be resolved by June 2021. 'I'm very ambitious,' he said. 'We've heard from Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen that all companies continue to have difficulty getting chips,' he said. It points out that the supply shortage of semiconductors for automobiles will continue for the next 18 months.

'It will take time to balance supply and demand,' said Reinhard Ploss, CEO of German chip maker Infineon. 'By 2022, it will be in balance.' ..

In addition, Fiat and Citroen, is the world's fourth largest car manufacturer of made up of 13 brands such as Jeep stearyl Lantis Richard Palmer Chief Financial Officer of (CFO), the 'global semiconductor on May 5, 2021 confusion of the automobile industry due to lack of will, confusion until 2022 and will 'be expected to continue said we.

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