I tried to change fried chicken and cup noodles into spicy dishes with 'Mala powder' that can make all foods spicy

Spicy products such as '

Nisshin Bakusui Noodles ' and ' Cup Noodles with Spicy Chinese Pepper Hot Pot Noodles' are appearing one after another, but if you like spicy foods, you want to increase or decrease the spiciness with your favorite strength. thing. Meanwhile, I discovered ' Mala powder ' that can make everything spicy by blending multiple spices such as Hanayama pepper and chili pepper, so I bought it and checked what kind of finish it was.

Mala powder [30g] [in a bag] [SpiceStock]

This is mala powder. It's in a silver pack, so you can't tell what it looks like from the outside.

Each bag contains 30g and has 103kcal calories.

The raw material names include chili pepper, Japanese pepper, ginger,

chenpi , and salt.

When opened, it contained bright orange powder.

I can't tell what it is except for chili peppers, but when I bring my face closer, the scent of Hanasansho comes to me. Instead of the simple scent of Japanese pepper, you can feel the complexity of blending multiple spices.

So, I bought various foods to check the combination with various foods.

First, warm the fried chicken in the oven ...

I will eat it with plenty of mala powder.

The first and second bites do not feel too spicy, the main taste is fried chicken, and the nice scent of Hanayama pepper goes through the nose softly. However, immediately after thinking 'Isn't it too spicy?', The spiciness chases after me, and once the tongue is stimulated, the spiciness does not disappear easily. At first, even though I liked spicy foods that I had plenty of time to eat, after a while I commented that it was 'spicy' and 'this is spicy'. On the other hand, if you sprinkle too much on the gang, it will be spicy and it will be difficult to feel the taste and flavor, but since the mala powder has the aroma of chili pepper and the aroma of Japanese pepper, it is not just spicy. It will be a finished product.

Next, I will try it with cup noodles.

Pour hot water ...

After waiting for 3 minutes, sprinkle with mala powder to complete.

As with fried chicken, the first few mouthfuls have the taste of ordinary cup noodles, but the more you eat, the stronger the claim of Hanayama pepper and chili peppers on your tongue. There was a comment that 'Hanasansho feels weaker than chili peppers', but it is not too weak and I feel a peculiar numbness in a good feeling. Overall, the spiciness and aroma coexisted well without erasing the taste of the cup noodles.

Also, when I looked at the

official recipe collection , it seemed to go well with stir-fried meat and vegetables, so I tried it.

The ingredients are simply cut vegetables for stir-fried vegetables and pork ribs. I will season it with Miha and soy sauce. When it's cooked well, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of mala powder ...


When I tried it, the stimulus of the chili pepper came out most strongly when it was topping like fried chicken or cup ramen, but when mixed as a spice in the stir-fry, the chili pepper was suppressed and the aroma and numbness of Hanasansho became more. I felt strongly. I just added mala powder to the usual stir-fried meat and vegetables, but the flavor is so strong that it feels quite authentic.

In addition, the official recipe collection contains various usages such as rice with eggs, so if you refer to it, it will not be a problem for you to use. It was a finish that made rice with eggs easy and satisfied the desire of spicy food lovers.

In addition, mala powder is 324 yen including tax.

Mala powder [30g] [in a bag] [SpiceStock]

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