Play review of 'Brigare', a cooperative card game in which five beautiful girls work together to fight against a dark organization that plans to collapse paradise.


Eresia ' ' Diletto be followed by a' 'secret of eden' series third installment, Domina Games of the game 'Brigare' has been released in 2021 April 22 (Thursday). It is said that it is a cooperative card game in which five beautiful girls fight together to prevent the 'black winged angel' who is planning to overthrow paradise, so I actually played it.

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The Brigare package looks like this.

The number of players is 2 to 5, the target age is 8 years old and over, and the play time is assumed to be 15 to 30 minutes.

The contents are an instruction manual, 5 white cubes, and 1 marker for each color.

There are 5 student cards, 6 area cards, 10 quest cards, and 44 planning cards.

There are 5 summary cards and 25 event cards that show how to read the icons and the number of cards.

Before starting the game, arrange the area cards in the order of 'school', 'library', 'town', 'forest', and 'ruins' from the top, and arrange 5 event cards in each row. In addition, although the images below are arranged closely, it is recommended to leave a little more space as the event cards may be turned sideways during the game.

Nine squares are drawn on the area card. This square is a counter that shows the 'defense' of the area, and places a white cube on the '0' square.

Distribute summary cards and student cards to each player. Student cards have unique abilities that can be activated by spending 'preparation points'. Place the marker at the '0' position on the preparation point counter on the far right of the card.

Then, deal 3 planning cards to each player as a hand. Before the game, you can redraw any number of cards from the planning cards. Leave the remaining plan cards in play as a deck. There are three types of difficulty in the game: 'easy', 'normal', and 'hard', and if it is easy, the information in your hand can be shared between players.

Finally, shuffle the quest cards, draw only one and reveal it, and put the rest of the quest cards in the box. Now you are ready to go.

The game turns clockwise. Each player takes his or her turn to 'reveal the plan card to activate the effect and put it on the' clock '', 'use the preparation points to activate the player's unique ability', and 'replenish one hand from the deck'. We will proceed with the process in the flow of 'to do'.

First, reveal the plan card, activate the effect, and place it in the 'clock', which is the discard pile for the plan card on the right side of the deck. In the case of 'infiltration' released in the following scene, the number '2' is written on the magnifying glass icon, and 'You may choose one face-up card in the field and move it to the adjacent area.' I have.

The magnifying glass icon allows you to flip two event cards that are placed face down. However, you can flip only two cards from the one in the same area (row). When I flipped through the two event cards in the 'school' area at the top, they were 'darkness' and 'brina'.

The breakdown of 25 cards is fixed, and the summary card shows how many cards are available. It is very important to predict what the face down card is while looking at the number of this summary card in order to proceed with the game.

In addition, due to the effect of 'infiltration', the 'darkness' that had just turned face up was moved to the adjacent 'library' area.

Since the preparation points were not accumulated, it was impossible to activate the ability, so replenish one hand from the deck and the turn is over. The game will end when the number of planning cards revealed on the clock reaches 12 or more at the end of the turn.

And in order to win the game, that is, to 'stop the plan of the dark organization that is dying', you have to increase the 'defense' of the five areas.

'Disinformation' has a shield icon with '+2' written on it.

The effect of this card is that you can increase the defense power of any area by 2. This time, I decided to increase the defense power of the 'ruins' area by 2. The 'Ruins' area card has two sword icons labeled '6'. The number on this icon indicates 'attack power'. In order to stop the paradise overthrow plan and protect world peace, it is necessary to raise the defense power of all five areas to a value higher than the attack power. In other words, in order to protect the 'ruins' area, you must increase your defense to at least 6 or more.

The defense power can be raised not only with the plan card but also with the help of spirits. For example, the 'light' card below has one sun icon. When 3 or more icons of 1 type are lined up in the same area, a 'chain' will occur and the effect will be activated only once. In addition, the spirit card that helps the players is an event card of the type called 'orthodox', and the feature is that the outer frame of the card is white.

But the dark organization is not just disturbed. Under the control of the black-winged angel lurks in each area as an event card. If you flip the 'subordinate' card, the attack power of that area will increase by 3. The members of the Black Wings Angel are event cards of the type 'Heletic', and the outer frame of the card is black.

Players who have turned over their subordinates will gain 1 preparation point. By spending 2 preparation points, you can activate unique skills in your turn. For example, Berke, a girl student who seems to have a bad habit of 'procuring clothes for heretics from somewhere' and 'collecting people's weaknesses', can flip two event cards and face up. You can use a unique skill called 'Dark Leap' that allows you to turn the orthodox event card you have made sideways.

When the Berke player activated the skill and turned over two cards, both were 'dark' cards. If you lay the 'Dark' card sideways, the number of icons will increase from 1 to 2, so the number of icons will be 3 or more, and the chain will be activated.

When 'darkness' is chained, you can return the plan card in the clock from the top to the bottom of the deck. If the number of clocks is 12 or more, the game will be forcibly terminated, so by chaining 'darkness', you can reduce the number of clocks and extend the turn limit of the game. Without making full use of this chain of 'darkness', it is very difficult to protect the five areas.

And in the event card, Sophie, the god of Eden and the teacher of five schoolgirls, is hidden. If Sophie is in the chained area, any player's preparation points will be added by 1.

Sophie's ability raises Rathi's preparation points by one. Rathi's unique skill is that you can turn one Heletic card sideways.

The black winged angel has an attack power of 3, but if you lie down on the same stuffed animal, it will reduce the attack power by 3. The attack power of the 'subordinate' was just offset by the lying 'stuffed animal'.

Furthermore, if you install a plan card called 'Handmade Trap' ...

If you move the Heletic Card to the area where the 'Handmade Trap' is installed, you can turn the Heletic Card sideways. If you turn the subordinate sideways, the attack power will be 0 and it will be completely incapacitated.

Suddenly, while incapacitating his subordinates and desperately raising his defensive power, the 'King of Heretics', a black-winged angel who plans to overthrow paradise, stood out. The Heretic King has an attack power of 6 and is not completely incapacitated even when turned sideways, so it is a very troublesome existence.

It is this 'silver ring' that weakens such a heretical king. The Silver Ring is a card that specializes in the Heretic King and reduces its attack power by 3. Also, since the flag icon drawn on the silver ring is installed in the field instead of the clock, it is a painstaking measure to 'extend the turn limit by putting out the silver ring when you do not want to increase the number of clocks'. can do.

The game progresses like that, and the game ends when the number of clocks exceeds 12 at the end of the turn. Since it is important to know the number of clocks, when placing a planning card on the clock, it is necessary to devise a way to make it easy to understand.

When the game is over, calculate the defense and attack power of the 5 areas. If the defense power is higher than the attack power in all areas, the player wins. If there is even one area where the offensive power exceeds the defensive power, the paradise overthrow plan will fail to be blocked at that point, and the player will be defeated.

When I actually played Brigare, the rules were very simple and easy to understand, and the crispy game progressed, and one game took about 20 minutes. The game package is compact and the place to play is not so large, so you can play even when traveling.

Even beginners can easily understand the rules and play, but the difficulty of winning the game is quite high. This time, the first two games were played in 'normal', which does not share the information in the hand, and the third game was played in 'easy', in which everyone reveals their hand, but both normal plays were defeated. Playing with Easy managed to prevent the paradise overthrow plan, but the result was that it was finally achieved at the last minute of the turn. It is difficult to protect all five areas without actively exchanging opinions with each other, grasping the remaining turn and the number of cards, and thoroughly thinking about 'what can be done now'. It was very responsive, and I felt that it was very strategic and replayable.

Brigare can be purchased on Amazon for 2970 yen including tax.

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