Apple is sued for 'exaggerating the water resistance of the iPhone'

Introduced in 2016, iPhone 7 and later iPhones have IP67 grade (up to 1 meter depth, up to 30 minutes) to IP68 grade (up to 6 meters depth, up to 30 minutes) water resistance

. It has often been reported that the iPhone that was dropped inside was discovered a few months later and worked safely . However, it was revealed that Apple faced a class action proceeding in New York, USA, saying that 'iPhone is exaggerating water resistance'.

Apple sued over iPhone warranty issues and water resistance claims | AppleInsider

Like many smartphone makers, Apple is appealing the splash, water and dust resistance of the iPhone, and newer devices are evolving to have higher water resistance. However, a class action lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York on Saturday, April 24, 2021 criticized Apple for exaggerating the water resistance of its hardware.

Plaintiff Antoinette Smith allegedly filed a class action proceeding 'on behalf of everyone else in a similar position.'

The iPhone 7 that appeared in 2016 is IP67 grade (depth up to 1 meter, up to 30 minutes) based on IEC standard 60529, and the iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max that appeared in 2019 is IP68 grade (depth) based on IEC standard 60529. Up to 4 meters, up to 30 minutes), the iPhone 12 series is said to have IP68-grade (up to 6 meters deep, up to 30 minutes) water resistance based on IEC standard 60529.

Smith argued that these notations were 'insufficient.' Specifically, he pointed out that the water resistance of the iPhone is based on tests in the laboratory using pure water, so if the iPhone gets wet with seawater or pool water, it can easily lead to failure. In addition, Smith said that despite being water resistant, wet devices may be denied warranty by Apple.

It is clearly stated on Apple's official website that damage caused by liquids on iPhone and iPod is not covered, and if iPhone or iPod is damaged by spilling coffee or soft drink, Apple product 1 year It is stated that it is not covered by the limited warranty.

Liquid damage to iPhone and iPod is not covered by warranty-Apple Support

In addition, iPhones manufactured after 2006 and most iPods have a built-in liquid infiltration indicator (LCI) that indicates whether they have come into contact with water or liquid containing water, and by checking this, You can determine if the liquid has penetrated.

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