'Ultimate programming tool' specializing in copy and paste to the limit is born

Copy and paste is an indispensable operation for using a computer, which is very useful in a wide range of fields from input to spreadsheet software to

coding of programs. The 'ultimate programming tool ' that specializes in such copy and paste to the utmost limit has been created by linear_pcm0153, who performs various electronic work.

The 'Ultimate Programming Tool' is a two-key keyboard labeled 'Copy ctr + c' and 'Pe ctr + v'. In addition, it is equipped with an RGB-compatible LED that shines brightly in response to key presses.

You can also attach a string to make it a strap, or customize the way the LED lights to your liking.

The 'Ultimate Programming Tool' is made using the programmable keyboard 'SimPad Nano ', which allows you to assign user-favorite functions to each key.

In addition, SimPad Nano is a mechanical keyboard that uses Gateron key switches, and the key tops can be freely replaced. Therefore, Mr. linear_pcm0153 said that he created the 'ultimate programming tool' by attaching a label made of Tepla to the key top made by J-Double System.

In addition to the 'ultimate programming tool', various electronic works such as keyboards and audio equipment are introduced in linear_pcm0153's blog.

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