Details of the integrated development environment 'Visual Studio 2022' provided by Microsoft announced

Details of the new version ' Visual Studio 2022 ' of the

integrated development environment (IDE) ' Visual Studio ' provided by Microsoft have been announced. In addition to supporting 64bit for the first time, Visual Studio is said to be lighter and faster. Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021.

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◆ Supports 64bit
Visual Studio 2022 supports 64bit, removes the memory limit of up to 4GB of the main process, and can perform more and more complicated processing than before. It has also been announced that even if Visual Studio moves to 64bit, the specifications for building 32-bit applications will not change.

◆ UI changed
The UI has been simplified and changed to something that is easy for all users to use. Icons, fonts, themes, etc. have changed.

◆ Personalization
By improving the customizability of Visual Studio and adding a function to synchronize multiple development boxes between devices, users can change the specifications to suit their own tastes.

◆ Development of the latest application
Visual Studio 2022

supports 'Azure ', ' .NET ', ' C ++ ', etc., which makes coding easier.

Other changes include more accurate debugging, a text chat feature in Live Share that allows you to work with other users in real time, and an improved code search feature. ..

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