NASA's Mars helicopter successfully flies, the first feat in human history


NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA announced on April 19, 2021 local time that the unmanned helicopter ' Ingenuity ' had successfully flown on Mars. This is the first time a powered flight has taken place on a planet other than Earth.

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight | NASA

Ingenuity is a small helicopter that landed on Mars with NASA's Mars rover ' Perseverance'. It reached the surface of Mars on February 19, was separated from Perseverance on April 5, and was in the final stages of preparation for the start of the flight.

The unmanned helicopter 'Ingenuity' is separated from NASA's Mars explorer 'Perseverance', and preparations are underway for the first flight on the outer planets --GIGAZINE

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is in charge of the development and operation of Ingenuity, received data from Perseverance on April 19 at 3:46 Pacific Standard Time (19:46 Japan Time). This confirmed that Ingenuity had successfully flown. '

You can see the ingenuity flying from the surface of Mars sent from Perseverance from the beginning of the following movie about 14 seconds.

First Video of NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight, Includes Takeoff and Landing (High-Res) --YouTube

When the movie starts, the ingenuity rotor starts spinning.

Ingenuity takes off softly from the surface of Mars at 0:34 Pacific Standard Time (16:34 Japan Time) and

0:33 local time (Solar Time) on Mars. This is the moment when the first 'powered flight on a planet other than the earth' in human history was realized.

Ingenuity then hovered at an altitude of 10 feet above the ground for about 30 seconds, completing its first flight for a total of 39.1 seconds.

In addition, the photograph taken by Ingenuity himself in this flight is as follows. You can see the body of Ingenuity casting a shadow on the surface of Mars.

by NASA / JPL-Caltech

'Today, 117 years after the Wright brothers made their first flight on Earth, NASA's Ingenuity has achieved an amazing achievement in another world,' said Thomas Zulbuschen, deputy director of science missions at NASA. The iconic events in aviation history, the flight of the Wright brothers and Ingenuity, are separated by a long time and 173 million miles of space, but are now forever one. In honor of the Wright brothers, the place where the first flight took place outside the Earth would be called the 'Wright Brothers Airfield.' In addition, it is said that the Ingenuity is equipped with a piece of cloth used for the wing of an airplane created by the Wright brothers.

Ingenuity will carry out its second flight by April 22nd.

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