'Winning Post 9 2021' play review aiming to expand the network of people in the horse racing world while raising strong horses and aiming for world races

The latest work of the horse racing simulation game 'Winning Post' series ' Winning Post 9 2021 ' was released on April 15, 2021 (Thursday). I actually played what the latest work of the traditional series sent out while the horse racing fever is rising in the world.

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'Winning Post 9 2021' is available for Windows (package version / download version), PlayStation 4 version, and Nintendo Switch version. This time I'm playing on Nintendo Switch.

The title screen looks like this. If you have save data or edit data for 'Winning Post 9' or 'Winning Post 9 2020', you can take over and play, and if you have save data for the 'Winning Post 8' series, you will receive a bonus. This time I will play from scratch.

Select the game start year from five, '1984', '1991', '1998', '2005', and '2022'.

'1984' is

the year after Mr. C B 's achievement of the Triple Crown, and is the generation in which Symboli Rudolf and Bizen Nishiki challenge the classics.

'1991' is the year after

Oguri Cap celebrated the retirement race Arima Kinen with a dramatic victory. In the classic challenge year of Symboli Rudolf's first year production pieces, Tokai Teio and others will appear.

'1998' is the year after Air Groove, who won the Tenno Sho (Autumn), was selected as a mare for the first time in 26 years since Toumei. El Condor Pasa , Grass Wonder and Special Week challenge the classics.

'2005' is the year when Deep Impact is a classic challenge. Sixth Sense , Inti Raymi , Admire Japan and others will stand in the way of blocking the Triple Crown.

Only in '2022', all historical horses have been retired. You will create the future of horse racing with your own hands.

For example, the white-haired horse

Sodashi, which won the 2021 Oka Sho, has already retired and is now breeding.

After deciding the start year, first decide the difficulty level etc. in 'System setting 1'. There are 6 levels of difficulty: 'EASY', 'NORMAL', 'HARD', 'EXPERT', 'ULTIMATE', and 'SPECIAL'. If it is 'HARD' or higher, the 'fighting spirit' of your racehorse, especially overseas horses, will increase easily and it will be difficult to win. In addition, since the combination and training aspects will also 'increase the response', those who 'want to play games as much as possible' should choose EASY or NORMAL. In addition, if you play for 5 years or more, you can change the difficulty level in January 1st week of the year when the last digit of the Christian era is 0 or 5, so if you think that you can do this, you can change it to the higher difficulty level. Also, if the 'year of birth of a historical horse' is set to 'virtual year', a completely fictitious history will be created, not at the level where the content and development of the race will change if the player owns some horses. Will be.

Then, in 'System Setting 2', you can introduce

'Special Breed Horse'. This is a setting that makes horses that have died due to accidents or illnesses, horses that have actually become horseback riding, etc. appear in the game as stallion horses.

The stallion you can choose depends on the year of start. For example, if you play in 1984, you can add

Kodama who died in 1976, Ten Point that did not become a stallion, Hoyo Boy who passed away with only one generation left, and if you play in 2005, you can add Silence Suzuka and Twin Turbo.

'Owner registration application' registers the owner information that will be the player's alter ego. In addition, just as horses change generations, players will retire at a certain age and will be replaced by offspring and successors.

Not only the name, age, and home base, but also the game clothes will be set. The game clothes can be changed even after the game starts.

In 'Opening a ranch', the area and name to open the ranch and the ranch manager are decided.

You can choose from 11 areas: Date, Shiraoi, Anping, Mukawa, Hidaka, Niikappu, Shizunai, Mitsuishi, Urakawa, Erimo, and Taiki. In addition, you will first get to know the ranch in the selected area, but if you play for a long time, there will be no difference almost anywhere.

Finally, 'secretary selection'. All conversations with other owners will be handled by the secretary on behalf of the player owner. There is no difference in ability, so please choose according to your preference.

Now you are on your way as a horse owner and producer (owner breeder).

…… But I haven't talked about horses yet. The secretary asks about 'marriage'.

There are four options.

If you select 'matchmaking', the secretary will bring you the candidate. If it is 'Maiai 2', the candidate is a person who has married experience and has one male and one female child. In the future, children may become ranch staff or jockeys, so if you want to talk about children early, this option is also an ant. In addition, if you select 'I am single now', you can choose the way to get married by increasing the friendship with various people who appear in the game. Secretaries can also get married if they meet the respective conditions.

Next, as the number of friends has increased, owner Aya Amagi will take care of one of the 3-year-old stallion and 3-year-old mare.

The 3-year-old stallion that started in 1991 looks like this. If you know the history, you will be told, 'I see, challenge the classic front of this year with this mens ...'. For horses with an icon in the 'Retsuden' item, a detailed famous horse Retsuden is prepared.

The famous horse retsuden looks like this. I decided to buy

Nice Nature this time.

After purchasing, decide on a horse name. You can change the name of the historical horse, but I decided to keep it as it is. The horse name will be read aloud in the live race scene.

The pronunciation is preset, but you can change it yourself.

As a producer, you need a breeding mare to have the ranch give birth to future racehorses. Mr. Amagi will arrange this for spring as well, but at that time, if you get the priority run right of the Satsuki Sho by the 4th week of March, you will be given a better breeding mare.

This is the immediate goal.

So, the home screen that I arrived at after completing a series of processing looks like this. There are many things that can be done originally, but if you can do it all at once, you will not know where to start, so it is gradually released. When you have nothing to do, press the B button or the '→' icon on the far right to proceed to the next week.

In addition, the tutorial that is displayed every time a new command can be executed or a new one is found can be reconfirmed later by selecting 'Function'-> 'Tutorial'.

It should help the player as a cheat sheet.

At first, there is time until the race to start, so visitors appear every week and give us new information.

For example, you can get information on what kind of horses are considered to be promising on the classic front of a 3-year-old stallion.

The Leo Durban in the lower right was also one of the targets that could be handed over, so you can see how blessed the list was.

When one month is over, the income and expenditure result screen will be displayed. I just bought a horse, so I was in the red. 'Ranch expenses' are fixed monthly costs. In addition, the 'deposit cost' will increase in proportion to the number of horses deposited. In order to run a ranch, you need to either produce strong horses to make money in the race or produce horses that sell well.

People who visit the ranch may get 'bonds'. For example, 'bonding with a trainer' has the effect of '[light training] lightly chasing a racehorse to improve its condition' or '[recovering fatigue] healing the fatigue of a racehorse'.

You can check the bonds you own at the top left of the home screen. As you can see under the stable camera on the right side, the number of bonds that can be used each month is fixed, and the first is '1'. The effect is powerful, so the point is where to use the bonds you have obtained. It's a problem if you don't have it when you need it, but it doesn't make sense to store it, so don't hesitate to use it here.

February 3rd, the week has come for Nice Nature to run in the Tokinominoru Cup. If you think your horse isn't feeling well or you're feeling tired, you can use the Y key to change 'Run' to 'Avoid' and you'll be out of the race.

During this time, 'nice to meet you' acquaintances continue to visit. This week the rancher told me about the ranch facilities.

From the beginning, players have taken over a ranch with a certain amount of facilities and started their life as an owner breeder, but there are still some facilities in the ranch that have room for improvement and some that have not yet been built. I want to earn money and have these facilities in order to produce strong horses. You can also increase the effectiveness by assigning staff to the facility. However, the facility also has maintenance costs, so if you expand the facility unplanned, it will be difficult to maintain.

After the turn, it's finally time to race. The most popular is the

stabilizer , and the second most popular is Sakura Yamato . Nice Nature is the 5th most popular.

The six icons at the bottom of the screen are 'Paddock viewing', 'Horse racing newspaper viewing', 'Operation instructions to jockeys', 'Race viewing', 'Digest viewing', and 'Do not watch the race' in order from the left.

The paddock looks like this. The difference in tone is expressed by how to lower the neck, but in reality it differs greatly for each horse, but in the game it is expressed in several patterns, so it will not be seen if the play time is long.

This is the horse racing newspaper. Five prediction marks give you a glimpse of your horse's ability rating.

The strategy instructions are like this. The strategy is suitable for horses from the beginning, but you can change the strategy by looking at the bias of the leg quality of other horses, or when you put out multiple horses, let a specific horse run away and disturb the race. I can.

The remaining three icons are different from the viewpoint of the race. 'Race viewing' checks everything from entering the gate to the goal, 'Digest viewing' checks from the end of the race to the goal, and 'Don't watch the race' races in the first place. You will skip the scene and check only the result.

The race scene looks like this, with a diagram showing the position of each horse in the horse group at the top of the screen and a camera image below. In the figure at the top, a square icon indicates your horse. By default, the camera captures the position according to the actual situation, but you can switch between the camera that focuses on the most popular horse and the camera that focuses on your own horse with the LR key.

The result is the 5th most popular but 10th place. The historical Nice Nature is a horse that has been resting in the spring of 3 years old and has risen from the summer.

In addition, depending on the game, all the abilities of the character are disclosed, so you can make a strategy according to it, but in 'Winning Post', even if you own a horse, comments from the rancher, trainer, jockey If you don't get it, you can't know exactly how much ability you have. In the following cases, although only the information on the guts and health is clear, the distance suitability and the riding ground suitability are still unknown, so while looking for 'I'm sure I'm good at this area' while checking with pedigree information etc. I will put it out to.

This is another horse, but when more information becomes available, it looks like this.

After that, he went to another race aiming for the right to run the Satsuki Sho, but he was defeated. I decided to switch my goal to Japan Derby and run for the Aoba Sho, which gives me priority entry rights. The race table looks like this, and Nice Nature is the second most popular, just behind the most popular Myromurus.

In the race,

Yamanin Fox and Fujiyama Kenzan go to the front.

Nice Nature was positioned slightly forward in a slightly slower pace.

Passing through the Tokyo Racecourse specialty 'Large Zelkova' without any major changes in development. In addition, although it is called 'large zelkova', it is said that the one currently standing is enoki.

Each horse went around the final corner.

Nice Nature has come up alongside the most popular Myromurus (yellow hat and blue mask).

A straight line and a fierce battle with Myromurus.

Get out in front of half a horse ...

Stick as it is and win.

With this, he also gained the priority entry right for the Japanese derby and made a name for himself on the classic front, but of course Tokai Teio, who won the Satsuki Sho, appeared at the fighting spirit Max and was torn off.

…… But fighting on the classic front is not the only racehorse.

You can bakushin a short distance like Sakura Bakushin O, or you can run a long distance like a rice shower or Mayano Top Gun. I would like to expand overseas in the future.

In addition, there is 'World's Strongest Horse Decision Battle (WHC)' as an original element of the game, and you may be invited to become a leading horse. If you become a world champion here, you will become more popular when you enter a stallion, and the probability that a new 'lineage' will be born with that horse at the top will increase.

In the short term, the goal is to 'make the horses you own active', and in the medium to long term, 'continue to run the ranch', but there are also '8 great honors' in this world. , It is possible to go deeper.

As one of the elements that help you play, the 'Horse Racing Terminology Dictionary' is also substantial. There are many horse racing terms that are unfamiliar to you, but they cover a lot of things from racing to production / formulation and general ones.

In 'Meeting Retsuden', you can check what kind of historically famous game was.

'Koei Sports (Cospo)' is convenient for learning about the topics of the horse racing world in the game.

A retrospective and outlook for the races are also posted.

It also shows what kind of leading horses are on each line and what kind of races they are planning to run in the future.

For those who 'want to make the horse racing world of Winning Post even more realistic' or 'want to personalize it', the editing function is also substantial.

In 'Horse Edit', you can edit active racehorses and stallion.

If you think 'No!' About Gold Ship 's wisdom 'F +', please add it as appropriate.

You can edit jockeys, trainers, owners, and ranchers.

While some jockeys appear under their real names ...

In addition to Koei's original fictitious jockey, there are also fictitious jockeys modeled on real jockeys, so you can revert to the name of the person who would be the model.

'Winning Post 9 2021' is on sale at Amazon.co.jp for 6949 yen for the

PC package version and 7018 yen for the Nintendo Switch version and PS4 version.

At the time of article creation, Steam sells with early benefits for 8580 yen.

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