I checked the sharpness of the world's first 'paper razor' that eliminated 98% of plastic compared to the conventional one.

Kai, a long-established knife maker with the largest share of disposable razors in Japan, has announced the commercialization of 'paper razors' made of paper other than blades with the aim of 'reducing plastic emissions.' I tried to see how easy it is to use the razor, which is often used in water, made of paper.

Paper Razor | Kai's Razor Portal Site


The paper razor package is made of paper. Five colors are available: white, yellow, green, blue, and red.

The package is appealing as '98% reduction in plastic' and 'the world's first! Paper razor'.

The package looks like a paper envelope. The nominal thickness is 3 mm, which makes me wonder, 'Is there really a razor?'

It weighs 5 grams, including the package.

On the back of the package, the procedure for assembling the paper razor is posted with an illustration.

The blade is made of stainless steel, the head housing is made of tin-plated steel, and the others are made of paper.

The seal of the package was cut by hand as it was.

Contents is like this.

A protective sticker is attached to the blade.

I will assemble a paper razor at once. Fold the handle part ...


Fold back the head part and insert it into the insertion slot of the handle.

Remove the protective sticker that covered the blade.

Wrap the peeled protective sticker to fix the inserted head part.

Completed in minutes. Easy to assemble without using scissors or a cutter.

'PAPER RAZOR' is printed on the side of the handle.

The cross section of the handle is triangular.

When you hold the handle in your hand, in addition to being triangular, it is a little thicker as a disposable razor, so you can hold it firmly.

The weight of the paper razor body is actually 3 grams.

The head part of the paper razor looks like this. There are three blades, and the head part is made almost entirely of metal, making it extremely simple. Disposable razors may come with lotion, but paper razors do not.

Looking at the head part from the side, it looks like this.

The paper razor is a one-day disposable razor. To test how much you can actually shave, I prepared 40 degrees of hot water, shaving gel, and towel.

When I actually use a paper razor, the shaving taste is quite good, and I can shave without problems. The handle is shorter and thicker than a general T-shaped razor, so the handling is quite good. The head is fixed, but it's insanely light and can be moved in various directions, so you can shave quite lightly. From the editorial staff who actually used it, 'The sound and feel may be similar to the one when you had your beard shaved at a barber shop.' There was also an impression that.

The metal on the head is smooth, and while the beard is well shaved, the skin does not feel tingling. 'I use a 5-blade T-shaped razor with a rinse, but I always lose the razor and my skin gets rough,' said the editorial staff. I commented.

The paper part of the paper razor, which says 'inspired by a durable paper spoon or milk carton,' has excellent water resistance. Even if you rinse the razor after shaving with hot water, you will not feel that the paper is worn out.

I rinsed the paper razor with water for about 20 seconds and pressed the base of the head part, which seems to have the lowest structural strength, with my thumb, but there was no change in the hardness of the paper. When you play it with your finger, you will hear a 'trick' sound.

When I actually used it, the paper razor was so solid that I couldn't think it was just folded paper. It's light, has a short handle, is easy to hold, and is easy to handle, so it's quite easy to use. Paper razors are thin and light, and very easy to assemble, so they are quite ants to carry with you on your trip. In addition, since it can be printed on the paper part of the main body, it can also be used for company gifts and amenities with the hotel logo.

Paper razors are available for pre-order on the following page. The price is 1100 yen including tax for a set of 5 colors, and the shipping fee is free.

[Advance reservations accepted, shipping starts after 4/22] Paper razor (5-color set) | Kai official online store

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