Data Protection Commission begins investigation on Facebook leaking personal information of about 500 million people

The Data Protection Commission (DPC), an Irish privacy regulator , violates the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and others regarding the disclosure of personal information of about 533 million Facebook users on the Internet. Announced that it has started a Facebook investigation on suspicion.

DPC launches inquiry into Facebook in relation to a collated dataset of Facebook user personal data made available on the internet | 14/04/2021 | Data Protection Commission

Ireland to probe Facebook following massive data leak – POLITICO

Irish watchdog opens another Facebook probe, over data dump

In April 2021, it was reported that personal information and cached data of Facebook users were published on the hacking forum.

It has been pointed out that 533 million user data leaked from Facebook, which will be the worst data leak in history --GIGAZINE

Regarding the leak of personal information, Facebook announced on the official blog that it was 'caused by the information leak due to scraping that occurred in September 2019' and said that the security problem has already been fixed.

Facebook announces official opinion on 530 million user data leaks, 'system was not hacked' --GIGAZINE

However, the DPC asked Facebook's European headquarters in Ireland about GDPR compliance on this issue and said, 'It may be a violation of the GDPR or the provisions of the data protection law that came into force in 2018.' Judged. Announced that it conducted a voluntary investigation in accordance with data protection law.

The DPC said, 'Whether the European Commission complies with Facebook's European branch's obligations as a data controller in relation to the processing of user personal information collected by Facebook search, Facebook Messenger and Instagram features. Or, I think it's appropriate to determine if any provisions of the GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act have been violated. '

The Associated Press said, 'DPC suggests that Facebook's European headquarters wasn't doing enough,' said the Associated Press, which revealed that DPC had conducted an investigation into Facebook's European headquarters before starting the investigation. doing. Facebook states that it 'is fully cooperating with the investigation.'

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