A test to select the hidden number of likes on Instagram begins

If you look at the number of likes on SNS posts, you can see at a glance how popular the post is, but it has a negative effect on users who care too much about the number of likes. There are also concerns about the radicalization of posted content. To deal with such a situation, Instagram started testing the function to hide the number of likes in 2019, but as of April 14, 2021, the number of likes is newly added. Announced that it will start a test to make show / hide optional.

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Instagram has been testing to hide the number of likes in some countries since 2019, but the tested features forcefully hide the number of likes. The user could not choose to show / hide.

Instagram to conduct test to hide the number of likes --GIGAZINE

Then, in 2020, a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) caused Instagram to be forced to do other work to support the platform, giving priority to the ability to hide the number of likes. It was lowered.

Instagram director Adam Mosseri said that while some Instagram users find it helpful to hide the number of likes, they 'like' to see popular posts. Some people commented that it would be better to see the number of 'Like!' Therefore, we announced that we will test a new function that allows users to choose whether to show or hide the number of likes.

In adjusting the number of likes again, Instagram reviewed the feedback received from users during the previous test and considered various opinions. The original purpose of hiding the number of likes was to reduce the psychological burden on young users who care too much about the number of likes that posts on Instagram get, and 'like others.' The focus was on 'content that I like' rather than 'content that I like.'

While the change to hide the number of likes in bulk had some benefits, some users wanted to keep the number of likes in order to find out about popular posts. I was there. Also, for influencers who are active on Instagram, the number of likes is an important index for winning a company's case, so before conducting the test, there is concern that 'revenue will decrease'. The voice was also raised.

'I'm wondering if social media users are really hungry for a safer space with'likes',' said TechCrunch, a tech media outlet. For years, other startups have built SNS to counter Instagram, which eliminates features such as 'Like', but for now, SNS that has improved what is called 'Instagram's problem' is a threat. It is not. The real threat to Instagram is a new type of social network like TikTok, where the Like feature is still important.

So with a new test, users can now adjust whether to show or hide likes themselves. Users can 'hide' likes 'attached to other users' posts', 'hide' likes 'attached to their own posts', and 'like' the entire app. In addition to being able to select the option to 'display as before', it seems that you can also select whether to display the number of 'likes' for each post.

Instagram doesn't say how long new features will be tested and when new features will be rolled out. An Instagram spokeswoman told TechCrunch, 'We're testing this on Instagram, but we're looking for the same experience on Facebook,' and a similar test could start on Facebook. Suggested that.

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