What are the new features / changes found in the survey of the latest unreleased builds of Android 12?

The IT news site Xda Developers has obtained information on new features and other information from anonymous sources about unreleased builds that are newer than the latest developer preview version officially provided by Google.

Exclusive: New Android 12 features revealed in early hands-on


Regarding the latest unreleased build of Android 12, Xda Developers lists 8 points for 'function change', 8 points for 'design change', and 5 points for 'privacy function'. An example is like this.

・ Improved extended screenshot shooting
The 'extended screenshot' function that scrolls down to the bottom as well as the range displayed on the screen is also included in the preview version that has already been released, but when I try to shoot it crashes There was a case where it ended.

In the new build, it seems that improvements have been made to make it less likely to crash by manually specifying the capture range instead of scrolling automatically.

・ Improvement of app pair function
In Android 12, it is said that the multitasking function by splitting the screen will be renewed, and the new 'app pair' function can be partially enabled in the developer preview version. In the new build, the function to switch the upper and lower apps by double tapping the part of the dividing line will be enabled.

・ Addition of Google Assistant calling method
With the Google smartphone Pixel, you could call the Google Assistant by 'holding the terminal' or 'tapping the back', but it seems that you can also call it by pressing and holding the power button.

・ Dual panel home for tablets
A home screen view is provided that displays the contents of two pages on one screen, taking advantage of the large screen of the tablet.

・ Larger slider
The sliders for volume control and illumination control have been changed to thick, rounded sliders that match the accent color of the system.

・ Warning display of access to clipboard
From Android 10, access to the clipboard of the app was limited to the foreground, but in Android 12, a new setting called 'Display access to clipboard' has been added, and when it is turned on, a message is sent every time the app accesses the clipboard. Will be displayed.

-Improved location information permission dialog
The dialog that asks the user for permission to provide location information will be like a concrete message of 'what kind of change will occur by providing accurate location information'.

Xda Developers plans to investigate and confirm in detail whether there are other functions under development.

In addition, since this build was requested by the anonymous information provider 'Please do not redistribute', the download link will not be provided.

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