Apple announces 2021 first delivery event 'Spring Loaded'

Apple will hold the first announcement event 'Spring Loaded ' in 2021 from 2:00 on April 21, 2021 Japan time. It is expected that the new iPad Pro and the lost item tracker AirTag will be announced at the event.

Apple announces special event for April 20:'Spring Loaded' ―― 9to5Mac

Apple held three distribution events in the three months from September to November 2020, and announced the new iPhone and others. Apple hasn't held any events for more than four months, but has announced that it will hold 'Spring Loaded' on April 21st as the first event in 2021. In addition, 'Spring Loaded' will be held completely remotely in consideration of the influence of the new coronavirus.

'Spring Loaded' was revealed by Apple's voice recognition assistant, Siri. When I asked Siri 'When will Apple's event be held?' And answered 'It will be held on April 20th (local time)', the date and time of the event is clear. In addition, Apple has already distributed an invitation to the media to announce that the event will be held.

At the event held in March 2019, Apple made service-centric announcements such as 'Apple Card, ' ' Apple Arcade, ' and ' Apple News +.' And in the spring of 2020, we did not hold an event in consideration of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. However, Apple is quietly announcing the new iPad Pro without holding an event.

Apple announces new iPad Pro with dual cameras and enhanced AR function, new Magic Keyboard with trackpad --GIGAZINE

The products that Apple is expected to announce in 'Spring Loaded' are as follows.

・ IPad Pro
The most distinctive feature of the new iPad Pro is that it has a mini LED display. Mini LEDs are a new backlight format used in liquid crystal displays and have several advantages similar to organic EL displays. Brighter, more power efficient, and less risk of burn-in compared to regular LED displays. Apple has been rumored to use mini LEDs not only on the iPad Pro but also on the displays of multiple devices.

There are also reports that it has a Thunderbolt port.

・ IPad mini
The iPad mini has a smaller bezel and is said to have a larger display size from 7.9 inches to 8.4 inches. However, it seems that the newly designed housing like the 4th generation iPad Air and iPad Pro is not adopted, and the home button and Touch ID are expected to remain alive.

・ AirTag
AirTag is a genuine Apple drop-off tracker that has been rumored to be under development for about two years.

Is the name of the forgotten tracker reportedly under development by Apple 'AirTag'? --GIGAZINE

In April 2021, Apple updated the location information search function 'Find My' so that it can be used even with third-party products, so Chipolo , a lost item tracker, will release a product that supports 'Find My'. We are planning.

Apple's location information search function 'Find' supports third-party products, compatible products will be announced --GIGAZINE

・ Apple TV
The latest model of Apple TV at the time of writing, 'Apple TV 4K,' was released in 2017. That's why it's been rumored for a long time that Apple will soon release a new Apple TV. Little details have been reported about the new Apple TV, but 9to5Mac has found evidence to support '120Hz.'

・ New Mac
Apple Silicon- equipped Macs are expected to appear, especially the iMac and 14 / 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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