NVIDIA Announces AI Framework 'Morpheus' to Detect and Prevent Security Threats


NVIDIA Corporation

At the technology conference 'GTC 2021 ' held by American semiconductor maker NVIDIA from April 12, 2021 local time, the open AI framework 'Morpheus ' for detecting and protecting cyber attacks in real time Was announced.

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Morpheus is a cloud-optimized cybersecurity framework that uses AI to protect against threats and anomalies such as unencrypted data leaks, phishing attempts, malware breaches, profile malfunctions, and server errors. Identify, classify and protect. Morpheus also has pre-trained AI models, but developers can also leverage AI to integrate their own models.

When NVIDIA's data center chipBlue Field data processing unit (DPU) is combined with Morpheus, all computing nodes in the data center network will function as cyber defense sensors to detect threats. This will allow organizations to analyze all packets at high speed without replicating data, allowing users to protect their data centers from core to edge, NVIDIA said.

NVIDIA points out that traditional AI security tools are threat detection algorithms based on an incomplete model that typically samples and investigates about 5% of network traffic data, saying, 'Morpheus analyzes all packets. I can do it. ' Morpheus seems to be able to analyze more data than traditional cybersecurity frameworks without sacrificing cost or performance.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang said, 'The zero trust security model requires real-time monitoring of all transactions in the data center. Immediate detection of intrusions and threats in the server. However, this poses a significant technical challenge as it must operate at the latest data center data rates. '

Leading hardware, software and cybersecurity solution providers are working closely with NVIDIA to optimize data center security products and integrate with the Morpheus framework. Partner companies include ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloudflare, F5, Fortinet, Guardicore, Canonical, Red Hat, VMware, etc.

'We always need visibility to protect our complex and evolving environment,' said Adam Mishler, chief information security officer at Best Buy, the world's largest consumer electronics retailer. 'The NVIDIA Morpheus framework is constantly on the move. It helps provide a flexible and scalable platform for anomaly detection that can adapt to changing cyber threat situations. ' 'We have partnered with NVIDIA to design, develop and deliver portable cyber AI tools to meet this need,' said Aaron Sant-Miller, chief data scientist at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. I will. '

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