Microsoft acquires voice technology Nuance for over 2 trillion yen and enters the healthcare business

On April 12, 2021, Microsoft announced that it had acquired Nuance , a developer of voice recognition technology and AI, for $ 19.7 billion.

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Nuance is a software company known as the company that developed the technology underlying Siri , Apple's voice recognition assistant. On April 11, overseas media Bloomberg reported that 'Microsoft is in talks with Nuance for acquisition.'

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In Microsoft's acquisition of Nuance, which was officially announced on April 12, Microsoft has agreed to buy Nuance shares for $ 56 per share (about 6100 yen). That's the closing price of the company's stock on April 9, plus a 23% acquisition premium , bringing the total acquisition value to $ 19.7 billion, including Nuance's debt. The purchase price is, Microsoft is in 2016 LinkedIn (about 2 trillion 800 billion yen at the time of rate) 26.2 billion US dollars the acquisition was the largest of the purchase price since then.

Microsoft plans to enter the healthcare business by leveraging Nuance's AI and medical technologies. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Twitter: 'AI is a technology priority, and healthcare is one of the most urgent applications. We will continue to work with Nuance on advanced AI solutions for healthcare. We will reach out to our experts and create better decisions and more meaningful communication. '

Nuance CEO Mark Benjamin said in a statement, 'Over the last three years, Nuance has focused on the areas of healthcare, where demand for advanced conversational AI, enterprise AI and ambient solutions is accelerating. To seize this opportunity, we need a platform that can connect people and healthcare at a more affordable price. On top of that, we are deploying intelligent cloud-based services on a large scale and using technology. Working with Microsoft, who shares a passion for change with us, was a clear answer, so this integration has driven us to our goals and to the shareholders who have supported us so far. It will be a unique opportunity to provide solid value. '

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