AI 'Bleep' that automatically mutes hate speech that comes flying during gameplay

'Bleep ' developed by Intel is an AI that automatically mutes hate speech that you may encounter while playing games, such as hate to LGBTQ +, discrimination against people with disabilities, and criticism of appearance, to the level you set. ..

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Intel's AI-powered Bleep tech lets you choose exactly how much online hate speech you hear •

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'Bleep' is a hate speech suppression AI function that can be turned on and off with a single toggle switch, and you can finely adjust how much hate speech of various genres is suppressed with a slider.

The setting items that can be read from Intel's presentation at GDC Showcase 2021 are 'discrimination against persons with disabilities and criticism of appearance,' 'aggressive remarks,' 'LGBTQ + hate,' 'misogyny,' and 'slandering.'

In addition, 'N word', 'racism and exclusion of foreigners', 'sexually explicit expression', 'bad talk', 'abuse', and 'white supremacism' can be set on the slider in 4 steps.

Bleep provides a text log that allows the user to see 'what words were suppressed', but the log will be reset on reboot. Also, all of Bleep's algorithms are run locally and no data is sent outside the user's system.

Intel plans to release Bleep in the second half of 2021, and is working on improvements based on feedback from the community.

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