Apple's location information search function 'Find' supports third-party products, compatible products will also be announced

On April 7, 2021, Apple added the ability to search for the location of third-party products in the location

search function 'Find My'. At the same time, third-party products such as fully wireless earphones that support 'search' and lost item tags have also been announced.

Apple's 'Find My' network makes it possible to find new items made by other companies-Apple (Japan)

The location information search function 'Search' provided by Apple is a function that allows you to search the location information of your device or friends. Apple announced at WWDC 2020 that it will open the 'find' feature to third-party products at 2020. And on April 7, 2021, 'Search' corresponding to the location information search of third-party products was released.

The 'Find' function uses a network of tens of millions of Apple devices operating around the world, and can also search the location information of devices that are offline. According to Apple, third-party products with Apple's authentication badge ' Works with Apple Find My ' can join the network built by Apple devices and use location-based services.

What is the mechanism of the 'Find My' function that can be located even on offline terminals announced by Apple? --GIGAZINE

Also, if you lose your device, you can play a voice to make it easier to find, switch the device to 'lost mode' to lock it, or have the device display a contact phone number or message. Is also possible.

In addition, Apple has also announced three types of products that support 'search.'

Chipolo , known for developing lost item tags , plans to release a lost item tag ' Chipolo ONE Spot' that supports 'search' in June 2021.

From Belkin , 'SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless Earbuds ', a complete wireless earphone that supports 'search', is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2021.


VanMoof appeared to have electric bicycle 'from VanMoof X3 and' ' VanMoof S3 ' also corresponds to the 'Find'.

'Search' for third-party products was already released at the time of article creation, so I actually checked it. When you start 'Search', the new function introduction screen says 'Supports various belongings'.

At the bottom of the screen, an item 'Find your belongings' was added.

In addition, Apple has released a 'search' test app for third parties, so it seems that we can expect the appearance of third-party products that support 'search' in the future.

Apple releases 'Find My Certification Asst.', An app for making third-party products compatible with the 'Find My' function --GIGAZINE

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