I ate a hearty 'First Unit Awakened Beef Curry Onion Soup Set' at Sukiya, which was inspired by the first Awakened Eva.

As the second part of the collaboration campaign ' Eating out 5 chain joint strategy

' with the movie 'Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version ' released on March 8, 2021 from Sukiya, a beef bowl chain store , 'First Unit Awakening Beef Curry Onion Soup' 'Set ' has appeared on March 30, 2021 (Tuesday). I was curious about the purple curry that was inspired by the first machine, and the curry that combines Sukiya's special tomato sauce and cheese sauce, along with a special plate for collaboration, so I actually ate it.

Zensho x EVANGELION Eating out 5 chain joint strategy

'Evangelion' collaboration menu 2nd edition 'First machine awakening beef curry' is on sale due to its popularity!
(PDF file) https://www.sukiya.jp/news/Press_20210324_ev2.pdf

I came to Sukiya.

At the store, there was a banner that appealed to the first machine awakening beef curry onion soup set.

About 5 minutes after ordering, the first machine Awakening Beef Curry Onion Soup Set (890 yen including tax) was delivered. 'MULTI PROPOSE HUMANOID DECISIVE WEAPON ARTIFICAL HUMAN EVANGELION (general-purpose humanoid decisive weapon Android Evangelion)' is written on the vessel of the first machine awakening beef curry.

The edible plate in the middle of the curry was printed with the mark of NERV, the organization that appears in the play.

The roux, which is colored with gardenia jasminoides and beets, is purplish red, which is almost red rather than purple. The ring-shaped cheese sauce is said to imitate the ring that appeared above the first machine that was awakened in 'Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction'.

On top of the rice is red kidney beans, white beans, edamame, a special tomato sauce with minced meat and beef. Furthermore, Fukujinzuke was attached to the back.

When I tried it, I didn't feel the spice flavor of curry roux, which was added with more than 20 kinds of spices, but I could feel the umami of the spicy tomato sauce, and at the same time, the spiciness of the chili pepper gradually became in my mouth. Spread inside. The cheese sauce 'expressed the feeling of Shinji Ikari who was relieved at the moment when Rei Ayanami was pulled back from the apostle', but although the flavor of cheese can be felt, 'I want to help Rei Ayanami taken in by the apostle.' The impression that the spiciness of tomato sauce, which expresses 'Shinji Ikari's feelings and tension,' exceeds the mellowness of cheese sauce. Beans, minced meat, and beef are quite voluminous as curry ingredients and are quite delicious.

On the cup into which the garnished onion soup was poured, the silhouette of the first machine and the model number EVA-01 were drawn.

Fry onions and large croutons float in the soup.

The onion soup has a refreshing and gentle taste. The sweetness of the onion makes the hot tongue rest with the spiciness of the first machine awakening beef curry.

The first machine Awakening Beef Curry Onion Soup Set will be available at Sukiya stores nationwide from March 30th (Tuesday) to April 21st (Wednesday), 2021. Takeout is possible, but collaboration tableware is not included. In addition, you can get a special clear file by ordering the target menu of the second 5 chain joint operation of eating out including the first machine awakening beef curry onion soup set.

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