'Ghost of Tsushima' made into a live-action movie by director John Wick

Sony Pictures, which is in charge of movie production and distribution at Sony, and PlayStation Productions, which produces original movies and TV programs of the PlayStation brand, are promoting the live-action movie of 'Ghost of Tsushima ' which was a big hit as a PlayStation exclusive title. It became clear that.

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'Ghost of Tsushima' is an open-world historical drama action-adventure game based on the 'Mongol invasion' invasion of Japan by Mongolia in the middle of the Kamakura period. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful nature of Tsushima and the tense action of Japanese swords, but you can also feel the extraordinary love of Japan by overseas game studios. At the time of writing the article, Ghost of Tsushima has sold more than 6.5 million units worldwide.

PS4's open-world historical drama action 'Ghost of Tsushima', which is full of extraordinary Japanese love, is full of highlights such as high-speed swashbuckler that challenged the limit of human reaction speed and beautiful nature --GIGAZINE

The live-action version of 'Ghost of Tsushima,' co-produced by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions, will be directed by Chad Stahelski of the John Wick series.

Nate Fox, creative director at Sucker Punch Productions, the developer of 'Ghost of Tsushima,' said, 'Using his vision for a work backed by many years of experience, the best action work ever. If anyone can make a live-action version of Jin's laser-grade swordsman (the main character), I think it's only Chad Stahelski. '

According to the entertainment media Deadline, 87 Eleven Entertainment is in charge of producing the movie. It seems that Alex Young, Jason Spitz, Assad Kuzrubashi, Carter Swan and others will be the producers.

Asad Kuzrubashi, head of PlayStation Productions, said, 'We are delighted to partner with Chad and 87 Eleven Entertainment to tell the story of Jin in the cinema. We are like Chad with a passion for games. I can't wait to work with a creative partner to create a rich work that excites fans and new viewers, 'commented Deadline.

The live-action version of 'Ghost of Tsushima' will be the second movie co-produced by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions. The first work is a live-action version of 'Uncharted', which will be released on February 11, 2022. The live-action version of 'Uncharted' will be starring Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man on the MCU.

Tom Holland talks about progress in movie version Uncharted-YouTube

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