Email software 'Thunderbird' releases 2020 financial report showing donations of over 250 million yen and their uses

The email software Thunderbird, which was born from the open source Mozilla project, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation in January 2020. Thunderbird has released its 2020 financial report.

Thunderbird 2020 Financial Report

Ryan Sipes, Thunderbird's Community & Business Development Manager, explained why he published the 2020 Thunderbird financial report: 'I'm happy to report that the project is very healthy. I think we are able to clearly show the wide range of support from the users who support it. '

It seems that 2020 was the best year for Thunderbird, and donations are collected over $ 2.3 million a year. Below is a graph summarizing the total amount of donations by month, with red showing donations in 2019 and blue showing donations in 2020. Especially in November and December, more than $ 300,000 (about 25 million yen) was collected, and more than $ 100,000 (about 11 million yen) was donated than in other months. I will.

The following is a comparison of the total amount of donations by year. The total amount of donations is increasing year by year, and by 2020, it will finally exceed the $ 2 million mark.

And the breakdown of Thunderbird spending in 2020 is as follows. Total spending in 2020 will be $ 1,551,152 (about 170 million yen), of which 'Personnel' (82.5%) 'Professional Services' (10.6%) 'Donation Transaction Fees (donation)' Fees for money ”(4.8%)“ General & Administrative ”(0.9%)“ Computer & Technology ”(1%)“ Events & Travel ”(0.2%). With a total of $ 2.3 million in donations, which is the main income in 2020, we are earning much more than we spend.

The 'Human Resources' department accounts for the majority of Thunderbird's spending. Thunderbird employs 15 employees at the time of writing, the breakdown of which is as follows.

・ Technical manager x 1
・ Community & Business Development Manager x 1
・ Enterprise support & documentation engineer x 1
・ Add-on coordinator x 1
・ Lead UX Architect x 1
・ Security engineer x 1
・ Senior developer x 2
・ Developer x 4
・ Infrastructure team lead x 1
・ Build engineer x 1
・ Thunderbird release engineer and web infrastructure engineer x 1

A Thunderbird treasurer said, 'We expect revenue to continue to grow in 2021' and thank all users and the community for supporting the good financial situation. I will.

Apart from this, we also publish

statistics on the number of Thunderbird installations.

Below is a graph showing the number of Thunderbird Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADI) from March 21, 2020 to March 21, 2021 and the average of 7 days of ADI. As of March 21, 2021, the ADI was about 5 million, with an average of about 8 million for 7 days. If you check by day of the week, you can clearly see that ADI has high weekdays and low holidays, and few people open Thunderbird on holidays.

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