The world in the mirror exists in the masterpiece 'Duke Nukem 3D' in the early days of FPS

'Duke Nukem 3D ' is the FPS of the story that the hero who cuts blonde hair in a mukimuki macho & tank top confronts alone and rescues a beautiful woman while the police and the army are completely uncomfortable with the aliens invading the earth. Compared to serious story games such as FPS's early masterpieces ' DOOM ' and ' Wollenstein ', it has a strong comedy-like development like a B-class Hollywood movie and abundant map gimmicks such as 'Pay a chip to a stripper'. It is said that this work has become a pioneer of 'stupid FPS' with high praise, but about the mysterious implementation of 'the world in the mirror' that appears in this work, Twitter user foone I am explaining.

According to foone, the stage 1 movie theater has a strange toilet that combines a men's space and a women's space.

This toilet can be used for additional purposes, but according to foone's analysis, the real reason for installing this toilet is the huge 'mirror'.

This mirror looks like this, and it depicts not only the main character but also the enemy in real time. Mr. foone thinks that this mirror was 'installed to emphasize the progress of the engine that can depict reflections in real time.'

This mirror can not only be shot with bullet holes, but can also be destroyed with grenades.

The most interesting point is that you can enter the 'world in the mirror' by using the cheat code 'Noclip ' that allows you to move while ignoring the existence of walls and gravity.

The question here is, 'What happens if you break the mirror when you are in the world inside the mirror?' When you actually try it, the game collapses as if you were in the mirror.

Also, if you advance beyond a certain level in the world in the mirror, you will be forcibly killed. This forced death is inevitable even in the cheat code 'God Mode' that never dies.

What foone is doing is a commentary on the 'mirror processing' that exists behind this phenomenon. The mirror in question has a structure in which a special sprite called 'Sector Effector' is pasted as shown below when viewed in 3D mode of the map editor.

Looking at the floor plan of the map editor, the world in the mirror is designed as a 'huge room'.

According to foone, the Build engine used in 'Duke Nukem 3D' copies the geometry to the room on the other side of the mirror when the stage is loaded. The phenomenon of 'dying if you go too far' is caused by walking outside the area of the room set as inside the mirror.

This process requires 'space to copy all the required geometry', so the world in the mirror is set up in a room that is disproportionately large compared to the original toilet. So what happens when you set the world in the mirror to 'a room that's too small to copy the geometry you need,' foone said.

The result is as follows: If the main character is in the outdoor position in the 'world in the mirror', the graphic of the mirror will be completely buggy.

Regarding the series of processes, foone commented, 'Looking at the contents of the game and knowing how big the gimmicks are, is the most favorite part of FPS in the 90's.'

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