'How to post a ZIP file by pretending to be an image' is discovered on Twitter

You can post images and movies to Twitter, but you cannot post them because they do not support file formats such as text files and ZIP files. Meanwhile, security researcher

David Buchanan has published a method for uploading a ZIP file to Twitter by disguising it as a PNG image.

The image attached to Mr. Buchanan's post is 'a ZIP file disguised as a PNG image'. Actually, using ' Twitter Image Downloader ' etc., I will try to download the image published by Mr. Buchanan in full size.

Rename the downloaded PNG format image file from '○○○ .png' to '○○○ .zip'.

Unzip the resulting ZIP file with decompression software such as 'Explzh'.

Then, it succeeded in decompressing wonderfully. The contents of the ZIP file was a file named 'tweetable-polyglot-png-main'.

The file contained a Python script 'pack.py' developed by Mr. Buchanan to generate a 'ZIP file disguised as a PNG image' and an instruction manual.

ZIP files are not the only file formats that can be uploaded using the method discovered this time. In fact, Buchanan also posted 'MP3 files disguised as PNG images'.

Buchanan has also devised a way to pack 'all Shakespeare's works' into one small image.

An attempt to pack all Shakespeare's works into one small image on Twitter and upload it --GIGAZINE

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