'Drink in baby bottle' boom occurs in Gulf countries in the Middle East, government enforces regulations

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In March 2021, the mysterious boom of 'drinking in a baby bottle' broke out in the Gulf countries of the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain. The Associated Press reports that governments in each country are being forced to crack down on cafes that offer bottled drinks as a result of backlashes such as 'contrary to culture' on social media.

Baby bottle craze sweeps Gulf Arab states, sparks backlash


It is said that it was a dessert chain called 'Einstein Cafe ' that has a branch office in Dubai etc. that caused the epidemic of baby bottled drinks in the Gulf countries of the Middle East. Einstein Cafe, which has long noticed the popularity of 'drinking in baby bottles' on social media, says that it will serve drinks in plastic baby bottles instead of regular cups. I started trying.

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It seems that Einstein Cafe has been offering 'milkshakes using cereals for babies' for a long time, but it seems that the popularity of baby bottled drinks was more than expected. 'Everyone wanted to buy bottled drinks and the phone didn't stop ringing all day long, they would come with friends and parents,' said Younes Molla, CEO of Einstein Cafe. '.

Regarding this boom, Molla thinks that people who have accumulated stress and anxiety in the pandemic of the new coronavirus are seeking distractions and are seeking a new epidemic. As a result, the Einstein Cafe was lined up by people of all ages, some of whom took the bottles they brought back to another cafe and used them instead of tumblers, saying, 'Put a drink in this.' The Associated Press reports that some people were there.

Bottled drinks have also become a trend in neighboring Gulf countries such as Kuwait and Bahrain, but there has been a growing backlash online as 'insulting Islam and Islamic culture.'

The Arabic version of the BBC also introduces the boom and rebound of bottled drinks in the Gulf countries.

قهوة في رضاعات أعف الفي دبي و الكويت و البحرين بين منتقد و مؤيد و ساخر! --YouTube

Baby bottles are used by babies to drink milk, etc ...

In the Gulf countries of the Middle East, there is a boom in which bottled drinks are offered at cafes.

Some people are posting movies of bottled drinks on TikTok.

A woman holding a baby bottle with the Einstein Cafe logo and answering an interview.

In response to this situation, the governments of each country have begun cracking down on bottled drinks. Dubai has fined cafes that serve bottled drinks, and Kuwait has closed the Einstein Cafe. 'Indiscriminate use of baby bottles is not only against local culture and traditions, but also risks the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) if mishandled,' Dubai officials said in a statement. It was.

The Associated Press noted that this is not the first time the social media phenomenon has been cracked down in the Gulf Arab countries, and that authorities have broad authority to crack down on immoral things through vague laws. In 2020, a man was arrested for 'posting a movie on TikTok that blew his nose with UAE banknotes and damaging the UAE's reputation.'

Dubai Police arrest man for sneezing on a UAE banknote | Crime – Gulf News

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