3rd generation 'EPYC' from AMD hits a benchmark score more than double that of Intel 'Xeon'

AMD announced on March 15, 2021 the 'EPYC 7003 ' series (codename: Milan), which is the third generation of the server CPU 'EPYC'. The 3rd generation EPYC announced this time

adopts the architecture 'Zen 3' installed in the 'Ryzen 5000 ' series announced by AMD in October 2020, compared to the 'Xeon' series developed by Intel. It has more than doubled the benchmark score.

AMD EPYC ™ 7003 Series CPUs Set New Standard as Highest Performance Server Processor | AMD

AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan Review: A Peak vs Per Core Performance Balance

AMD announced the performance comparison result of the 3rd generation EPYC top model ' EPYC 7763 ' and the server CPU ' Xeon Gold 6258R' released by Intel in 2020 in the announcement of the 3rd generation EPYC. The floating point computing power of 'EPYC 7763' is claimed to be 106% higher than that of 'Xeon Gold 6258 R'.

Furthermore, the virtual machine effective performance of 'EPYC 7763' is 117% higher than that of 'Xeon Gold 6258 R'.

The specifications of the 1st generation EPYC '

EPYC 7601 ', the 2nd generation EPYC ' EPYC 7742 ', the 3rd generation EPYC 'EPYC 7763', and the Intel 'Xeon Gold 6258 R' are like this.
series EPYC 7001 EPYC 7002 EPYC 7003 Intel Xeon
Processor 7601 7742 7763 6258R
architecture Zen Zen2 Zen3 Cascade Lake
Number of cores 32 64 64 28
TDP 180W 240W 280W 205W
Maximum operating frequency 2.2GHz 2.25GHz 2.45GHz 2.7GHz
Maximum operating frequency (when boosted) 3.2GHz 3.4GHz 3.5GHz 4GHz
L3 cache 64MB 256MB 256MB 37.5MB
PCIe 3.0 x 128 4.0 x 128 4.0 x 128 3.0 x 48
Maximum memory speed 2666MHz 3200MHz 3200MHz 2933MHz
Maximum memory capacity 2TB 4TB 4TB 1TB
Memory channel 8 8 8 6

AnandTech, a technical media, measures the multi-thread performance of 'EPYC 7763', 'EPYC 7742', ' Xeon Platinum 8280 ' and ' Ampere Altra Q80-30 ' using the benchmark software 'SPEC'. As a result, 'EPYC 7763' scored more than twice as much as 'Xeon Platinum 8280' in most tests.

The benchmark score for single thread performance looks like this. The 2nd generation EPYC 'EPYC 7742' is lower than the 'Xeon Platinum 8280' in single thread performance, but the newly introduced 3rd generation EPYC 'EPYC 7763' is comparable in single thread performance to the 'Xeon Platinum 8280'. You can confirm that.

Furthermore, when comparing the compilation speed using the compiler 'LLVM ', it can be confirmed that the compilation speed of the machine equipped with one 'EPYC 7763' is faster than that of the machine equipped with two 'Xeon Platinum 8280'.

AMD's Forest Noroddo senior vice president of AnandTech interview against, 'third-generation EPYC is available mounted on the same motherboard as the second generation EPYC. In addition, the software also has maintained a high degree of compatibility. Therefore, users Can make the transition from 2nd generation EPYC to 3rd generation EPYC smooth. '

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