Apple sues former employee for 'stealing corporate secrets and selling to media'

Apple sued a former employee for 'selling the stolen corporate secrets to the media using his position.'

Apple Versus Lancaster | Trade Secret | Damages

Apple sues former employee leaking trade secrets to media | AppleInsider

Apple sues former employee for stealing trade secrets, leaking information to the media ―― 9to5Mac

Apple Sues Ex-Employee Over Alleged Leaked Secrets to Media --Bloomberg

Former senior material lead and product design architect Simon Lancaster was sued by Apple for stealing and selling corporate secrets. He was responsible for material evaluation and prototyping for next-generation product development at Apple, and has designed and designed Magic Mouse, iPad, and smart covers for iPad.

According to the complaint, Apple said, 'Despite being employed by us for more than a decade, Lancaster abuses our position and trust within the company and systematically organizes our confidential information for personal gain. Disseminate. Lancaster used its position to access internal meetings and documents outside its scope, including our confidential information, and to provide the confidential information obtained to correspondents in external media. '

According to Apple, a survey of the devices Lancaster was using found concrete evidence that he had obtained confidential Apple information, and he sent the information at the request of correspondents. It was also revealed that they had repeated secret meetings. Confidential information sent by him said it included product plans for unreleased devices and plans to update existing products, with Apple having quite a few Lancaster on their last work day on November 1, 2019. Claims to have downloaded confidential documents.

The most important piece of information that Lancaster is believed to have sold to correspondents is a secret that Apple calls 'Project X.' Apple keeps secret what this Project X is, but I think the sources were information about the

Apple Glass or AirPods Max .

Mr. Lancaster joined Arris Composites , a material research and development company that is a vendor of Apple, after leaving Apple, but according to Apple, confidential information stolen from Apple is also useful for Arris Composites. Apple is seeking punitive damages for Lancaster's breach of trade secrets and trade secrets, as well as a written contract breach.

This isn't the first time Apple has sued a former employee. In December 2019, Gerard Williams, a former chief architect in charge of microprocessor development for iPhone and iPad, who started chip development company Nuvia after leaving the company, is suing for employment contract and breach of loyalty obligation.

Apple sues former developer of iPhone and iPad processor who set up a new company after retirement and raised 5.8 billion yen --GIGAZINE

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