'Filet-O-Fish that goes well with rice' has appeared at McDonald's, and I tried 'Rice Fish Japanese-style black pepper' with soy sauce and coarse black pepper.

As a new

rice burger made from McDonald's hamburger buns made from plumply cooked rice from Fukushima prefecture with soy sauce , 'Rice Fish Japanese Style Black Pepper ' will be available from Wednesday, March 10, 2021. It has appeared. The popular classic menu, Filet- O-Fish fried white fish, is made with an original sauce with soy sauce and coarsely ground black pepper, and the harmony with the soy sauce-flavored rice buns is exquisite, so I actually bought it at McDonald's. I tried it.

Rice Fish Japanese Style Black Pepper | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

Introducing 'Rice Fish Japanese Style Black Pepper' seasoned with 'Filet-O-Fish' to match rice! | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

I found 'Rice Fish Japanese Style Black Pepper' on the counter menu, so I ordered it immediately.

So I bought it and came back.

When I open the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

The diameter of the rice buns is actually about 7 cm.

When I turned over the rice buns, the ingredients were fried Filet-O-Fish with the original sauce and sliced cheddar cheese.

The rice buns have a slight soy sauce aroma and are crispy on the outside while having a chewy texture on the inside. Because the taste of white fish is light, the flavors of soy sauce, coarsely ground black pepper, and roasted garlic used in the sauce stand out, and it goes well with rice. Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy the harmony of the filet-O-Fish potion, which is made with soy sauce as the main sauce, and the aroma of soy sauce that was burnt like grilled rice balls.

'Rice Fish Japanese Style Black Pepper' can be ordered from Wednesday, March 10, 2021 as a night mac menu after 17:00, and the price is 390 yen including tax. In addition, ' Rice Teriyaki (390 yen including tax)' and ' Rice Bacon Lettuce (410 yen including tax)' that appeared in February 2020 are also available from the same day.

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