What is the intake of vegetables and fruits that achieve longevity after all?

Vegetables and fruits are synonymous with healthy foods, but there is debate about how much to consume to have a positive effect on health. Therefore, researchers newly analyzed multiple studies that included data from a total of 2 million people conducted in the past to determine 'the amount of vegetables and fruits that reduce the risk of death most.'

Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Mortality: Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies of US Men and Women and a Meta-Analysis of 26 Cohort Studies | Circulation


The right '5-a-day' mix is 2 fruit and 3 vegetable servings for longer life --ScienceDaily

The recommended amount of vegetables and fruits to consume in a day varies by group and organization. For example, the American Heart Association recommends eating both vegetables and fruits 4 to 5 meals a day. ..

The American Heart Association is ' Serving (serving shows the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables in units called)', the unit that this Serving is translated as '~ food'. As an example of 5 servings of vegetables, the American Heart Association has '1 cup of raw leafy vegetables,' '1/2 cup of cut vegetables,' '1/2 cup of cooked beans,' and '1/4 of 100% vegetable juice.' It is written as 'cup'.

Suggested Servings from Each Food Group | American Heart Association

However, epidemiologists at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital tend to be confused about 'what and how to take' when recommended doses vary by organization. A research team led by consumer and nutritionist Dong D. Wang has determined the intake of vegetables and fruits that minimizes the risk of death from millions of people.

The study is based primarily on data from two large studies, a nurse health survey and a follow-up study of health professionals, with more than 100,000 subjects included and a follow-up period of up to 30 years. It extends. The researchers also conducted an integrated analysis of a total of 26 past studies covering 1.9 million subjects in 29 countries around the world, investigating vegetable and fruit intake and mortality risk.

The following is what was found from the data analysis of more than 2 million subjects in total.

Eating a total of 5 servings of vegetables and fruits is associated with minimizing the risk of death, but eating 5 or more meals is not associated with a reduced risk of death

・ The most related to longevity is to consume '2 servings of fruits' and '3 servings of vegetables'.

• Compared to those who consume a total of two servings of vegetables and fruits, those who consume five servings have a 13% lower risk of death in 'all causes of death.' By cause of death, cardiovascular disease was down 12%, cancer was down 10%, and respiratory disease was down 35%.

-Not all vegetables and fruits had similar effects, and beans, corn, potatoes, fruit juices, etc. were not associated with reduced mortality.

-On the other hand, leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and kale, and vegetables and fruits rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C were found to be beneficial.

From this result, Mr. Wang argues that the optimum intake level is vegetables and fruits for a total of '5 servings' of 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables. 'This amount is generally achievable and most beneficial for the prevention of major chronic diseases.' 'Although current recommendations treat fruit juices, vegetables and starch foods as well. We also found that not all vegetables and fruits are equally beneficial, 'Wang said.

On the other hand, it is cautioned that this study is an observational study and shows a relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and mortality risk, but not a causal relationship.

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