Pointed out that the strong security of the iPhone has become a cover for hackers

Apple is increasing the security of iPhones and other devices day by day, and even app developers have limited access to systems. However, only some hackers use expensive software to break through security, and security companies and law enforcement agencies blocked by security barriers are in a situation where investigations can not be done, ``

Citizen'' of the University of Toronto Lab Marzac points out.

How Apple's locked down security gives extra protection to the best hackers | MIT Technology Review

In December 2020, Marzac and colleagues launched a 'zero-click exploit ' attack in the Middle East where Israeli hackers exploited the vulnerability of the iPhone to infect the iPhone with spyware without the user doing anything. Announced that it went to 36 iPhones owned by journalists.

Journalists hacked by government for 'zero-click vulnerability' hidden in iPhone iMessage-GIGAZINE

The hack that took place at this time was a zero-day attack with no defense in the latest version of iOS 13.5.1 at that time, but in iOS 14, the vulnerability used in the attack has already been fixed.

Hackers are believed to have a large amount of money to develop or purchase a zero-click exploit environment, Marzac said: 'If a hacker breaks through the security of the iPhone and goes deep, investigators are suspicious. It will be difficult to find any traces. '

This is related to the problem that the high security of Apple products makes it difficult to detect hacking attacks. There are very few 'security apps that can look inside the iPhone' approved by Apple, and unauthorized system access tools are all locked out by OS updates. The developer of the Apple-approved security app iVerify says, 'Although this app is powerful, it can't even check the memory of the malware.'

'Security tools aren't enough to secure the entire iPhone, and hackers know that,' Marzac said.

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