A law has been passed that requires home appliance manufacturers to accept repairs for 10 years

In November 2020, the EU adopted the 'Resolution on the Sustainable Single Market'. The resolution also includes a 'right to repair' provision, which requires consumer electronics manufacturers selling products in the EU to accept repairs for their products for 10 years.

Parliament wants to grant EU consumers a “right to repair” | News | European Parliament


New EU'right to repair' laws require technology to last for a decade | The Independent

'Some modern appliances require special tools to disassemble,' said Daniel Affert, who belongs to the environmental group BUND-Berlin, which runs a repair cafe that undertakes repairs for appliances. Therefore, it may not be possible to repair it, 'he said, claiming that consumers have been deprived of their' right to repair. ' In January 2021, a non-profit organization ' Public Interest Research Group ' involved in consumer protection estimated that 'if the' right to repair 'is established, one family can save about 34,000 yen a year.' Has been announced, and the establishment of a 'right to repair' is required all over the world.

How much will the repair price be reduced annually once the 'right to repair' is established? --GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, in November 2020, the EU adopted a 'Resolution on a Sustainable Single Market' that stipulates 'the right to repair.' As a result, consumer electronics manufacturers selling products in the EU are obliged to accept repairs for 10 years.

'The EU's demands on consumer electronics manufacturers are a big step in the right direction,' said Mr. Affert, who is delighted to have 'rights to repair.'

In Massachusetts, USA, the 2020 Massachusetts Repair Rights Initiative, which stipulates the right of consumers to repair their own cars, was passed on November 3, 2020, stipulating the right to repair cars. There are active movements around the world for 'right to repair'.

A new law on 'repair rights' that allows you to repair your own car has been enacted in the United States, what is the innovation? --GIGAZINE

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