Introducing 'Deep Nostalgia,' a service that allows you to move facial expressions with AI as if they were alive

'Deep Nostalgia', a service that converts a human face photo taken as a still image into a movie that blinks or moves the eyes, has appeared, so I tried it with various people's faces.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia ™, deep learning technology to animate the faces in still family photos --MyHeritage

The movie I tried using Deep Nostalgia looks like this.

I tried using 'Deep Nostalgia', a service that can change the facial expressions of people in the picture-YouTube

DeepNostalgia is developed and provided by 'MyHeritage ', a DNA analysis service that allows you to create your own family tree. First, go to the Deep Nostalgia page and click 'Upload photo'.

Select the face photo you want to change. This time, I will use 'Portrait of

William III ', one of the exhibits of the Rijksmuseum, which is open to the public free of charge and copyright.

You will be prompted to create a MyHeritage account before uploading your photos. You cannot use this service unless you create an account, so enter your gender, name, year of birth, email address, and password, check the terms of use and acceptance of the privacy policy, and click 'Go' to register for an account. to hold.

After that, the upload is completed and the animation process is performed.

When the process is finished, a movie that moves the face up, down, left and right will start playing. The appearance of moving eyes, blinking, and occasional faint movements of the mouth is as if it were alive, and the workmanship is a little creepy. You can download the MP4 file by clicking 'Download video', but if you have not subscribed to the subscription service, the watermark of the 'My Heritage' logo will appear at the bottom right of the movie.

Next, we will use the non-existent child's face photo obtained in

'This Person Does Not Exist'.

The more realistic it is, the closer it is to a real photo.

Next, in order to see if the anime image changes, I will use the non-existent anime-like image acquired in

'This Anime Does Not Exist'.

I uploaded the image, but ...

Due to an error, the animation process did not complete.

Next, select the image of the

national treasure 'Bronze Amida Nyorai sitting statue ' known as the Great Buddha of Kamakura ...

I got the error 'Face cannot be detected'.

In order to try it with a more realistic image of a human being, I uploaded a photo of a sculpture by

Dante , an Italian poet known for 'Divine Comedy' ...

This succeeded in the animation process. An eerie movie has been created, with glistening eyes glaring here and there.

The animation is not one pattern. To change the animation pattern, hover your mouse cursor over Genealogy at the top of the page and click My Photo.

The photo you uploaded will be displayed, so click the photo whose animation you want to change.

Then click 'Play animation' ...

By clicking 'Animation' at the top, you can change the animation pattern from 10 types.

DeepNostalgia is available for free, but there is a limit to the number of photos you can upload.

In addition, various movies created by users all over the world are also posted on Twitter etc. For example, Alexander the Great ...

Mona Lisa

I was able to find movies such as Gollum that appear in the movie 'The Lord of the Rings'.

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