Until a 19-year-old female student living in the Gaza Strip realizes an internship at Google

The Gaza Strip in Palestine has been besieged and attacked frequently by Israeli troops, and the economy is stagnant due to extremely restricted access to people and goods, so people live with assistance from the United Nations and support groups. I am. A 19-year-old female student living in the Gaza Strip has announced on her blog that she will participate in an internship at Google. I'm spelling out the details of how my experience helped others.

My experience as a Gazan girl getting into Silicon Valley companies | by Dalia Awad | Feb, 2021 | Medium


19-year-old Dalia Awad, who lives in the Gaza Strip of Palestine, became obsessed with the logic behind programming when she participated in a robot competition in high school and made a robot with Arduino . Mr. Awad took a programming course on the free online learning platform ' edX ' founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, participated in a coding competition for high school girls, Technology Girls, and with women who were victims of violence. We have improved our technical capabilities by developing apps that connect experts. “I like to create things that are useful to people,” Awad wrote.

After learning the theoretical basics of technology and computers at university, Awad felt that he needed something more practical, and decided to attend a development boot camp called ' RBK ' in Jordan. Did. Mr. Awad, who passed the selection that only 30 out of 800 applicants were selected, created 3 full-stack apps using the MERN stack that used agile development at RBK Jordan. In this, he learned the soft skill of how to complete the application according to the deadline while interacting with the team.

Returning to Gaza from Jordan, Awad saw on Facebook the Manara program, ' Connecting Palestinian and Middle Eastern People with Jobs and Internships at International Tech Companies.'

Manara | Hire top software engineers

It is said that the youth unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip exceeds 60%, and Mr. Awad, who was worried about getting a job, participated in the program while being surprised, 'Is that possible?' He said that he conducted Leet Code and Pramp for interview preparation for internship, and started to work on data structure and algorithm issues every week. Until then, Mr. Awad thought that 'solving coding problems was only a pain', but while competing with and discussing with his classmates, he became 'interesting in knowing the solutions of others'. He seems to have awakened.

Awad also said that actually practicing interviews with Silicon Valley engineers was very helpful. Although studying was difficult, he was able to actually reach the interview with Repl.it and Google with the help of his classmates, mentors, mock interviewers, and Manara staff.

The interview application was accepted in November 2020, and because it was covered by the university exam period, Mr. Awad contacted me to delay the interview by two weeks. Since both companies accepted the offer, Mr. Awad had a two-week preparation period, during which he continued to study for about 10 hours a day. And a few days before the Google interview, the mock interview finally gave good results.

At the Google interview, he was asked about 'solving problems with data structures and algorithms,' which is exactly the same as the problem prepared by Manara. Each interview is one hour long and the break time is one hour. “The interviewer was very pleasant and I was able to have a calm interview. It was a great time to discuss the thinking process while coding,” said Awad.

On the other hand, it seems that Repl.it was given the task of operational transformation first, but this task was unexpected for Mr. Awad. Discuss issues with the interviewer, share ideas and end the day. Two weeks later, he gave a presentation on the subject, and Mr. Awad said he was confident that he was able to do it thanks to the Manara mentor's guidance on the presentation.

Awad received a recruitment notice from Repl.it on January 1, 2021 and from Google in the second half of January. 'I still don't know what I want to do,' said Mr. Awad, who was also drawn to Repl.it, who can be involved in various areas such as front-end, back-end, and infrastructure, but in the end, 'internship.' I chose Google, 'I can spend the summer in Europe.' For Awad, who spent time in Gaza and left Gaza only when he joined RBK, spending time in Europe is a great experience.

'I'm excited to be able to participate in an internship in Europe and make money myself. I can help my parents pay for my brother's education and I'm sure there's more to help.' Awad spelled.

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