I bought and ate 'Basil Avocado Twister' in Kentucky, where the flavor of lemon and basil explodes the taste of chicken.

From Wednesday, February 24, 2021, ' Basil Avocado Twister ' has appeared in the 'Twister' series of Kentucky Fried Chicken wrapped in tortillas with vegetables. The new twister, which has been around for the first time in about 10 months since the

spicy dandan twister that appeared in April 2020, features kernel crispy and lettuce with crispy clothes and juicy chicken breast as 'lemon basil-style mayo sauce' and ' A dish wrapped in tortillas with 'avocado filling'. It is said that the sauce with basil and lemon and the chicken go well together, so I actually bought it at Kentucky Fried Chicken and tried it.

'Kernel Crispy' and special lemon basil-style mayo sauce & avocado filling 'Basil Avocado Twister' will be released on February 24th (Wednesday).

Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Of the three types of twisters, the one with 'NEW' written on it is the new 'Basil Avocado Twister'.

So I bought it and brought it home.

When I open the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

The actual size is 15 cm.

When I opened the tortillas, I saw kernel crispy and lettuce with avocado filling and mayo sauce.

When you eat a bite, you can feel the umami of kernel crispy meat with garlic and soy sauce and the slight acidity of lemon basil-style mayo sauce. The refreshing sourness of lemon and the aroma of basil enhance the juicy taste of chicken and the richness of avocado, so I felt that it was a dish that you can enjoy both the umami and refreshing feeling of meat at the same time.

'Basil Avocado Twister' can be purchased at Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide from February 24, 2021 (Wednesday), and the price is 340 yen including tax.

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