Warning that China has invaded economies and infrastructure around the world and is facing security threats

Since around 2018, the United States has taken a

strong offensive against China to exclude Chinese-made electronic devices and software, and even Chinese companies themselves, from the domestic market because of safety concerns. However, it is not only the United States that China is trying to invade the country's economy and infrastructure, but it is possible that a threat is imminent to a country that has not taken measures like the United States, London, England Reported by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a private international strategic research institute established in London.

China's Digital Silk Road: Integration into National IT Infrastructure and Wider Implications for Western Defense Industries
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How China's Digital Silk Road Is Leading Countries Away from the United States --Defense One

According to a report released by IISS in February 2021, China will conclude bilateral agreements for joint research with other countries, invest in technology in each country, fund students, provide security technology, etc. He is actively promoting the 'Digital Silk Road Strategy.'

'Countries have signed various agreements with China, ignoring the US warning that'Chinese products are dangerous',' IISS reports. Indonesia has widely adopted China's information and communication systems, and is also working closely with China in the field of AI research. The United Arab Emirates is incorporating China's surveillance camera and facial recognition software technology.

'China has at least 16 other countries, including South Korea, Israel and Poland, agreed on a digital Silk Road strategy, and China has gained a foothold in the market in 137 countries around the world,' said IISS. .. Based on the current situation, IISS warned that 'China will be able to access a large amount of data, which will strengthen the monitoring of citizens and may utilize big data for intelligence activities.' It is emitting.

IISS states that many countries have formed an alliance with China, believing that 'the political climate of the United States that imposes a boycott of Chinese products will disappear if the administration changes.' Meanwhile, IISS reports that these countries continued to cooperate with US defense and intelligence.

IISS points out that the biggest problem is that countries have not taken steps to determine the risks that China's investment may pose. Governments are focusing solely on accepting China's top-level technology, and may rely on imports of products from China and invest in emerging industries in the country. He has stated that he has not been touched.

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