Play review of the free browser game 'Cab Ride' that travels on the railroad tracks that continue forever while watching the scenery of pixel art

' Cab Ride ' is a driving simulation game that runs on a browser and allows you to drive a train with only simple operations. I actually played this game where you can enjoy the world of pixel art with a light background music.

Cab Ride by Powersaurus

You can see what kind of game Cab Ride is by watching the following movie. The basic operation is only raising and lowering the handle and opening and closing the door, and you can play endlessly as long as you do not finish it.

I played with the free train driving simulation game 'Cab Ride' --YouTube

To play Cab Ride, first visit the Cab Ride page .

You can play the game by clicking the image with the triangle mark pointing to the right in the center of the page.

The operation method is to start the game with the X key, horn, open and close the door with the Z or C key, decelerate by tilting the handle with the ↑ key, accelerate by pulling the handle with the ↓ key, and announce the terminal station by holding down the ← key Press and hold the, → key to switch to automatic driving mode.

The game start screen looks like this. You can select the stage with the left and right arrow keys and start the game with the X key.

When the game starts, the scenery seen from the driver's seat of the train is displayed like this. At this rate, the train will remain at the station, so you will need to leave the station.

Press the ↓ key and pull the steering wheel to accelerate the train. The train journey begins with a light electronic sound.

As you continue to run through the pixel art landscape, you will see a signal on the railroad tracks. You don't have to keep this signal, but it will affect the evaluation at the end of the game. The number on the upper left shows the distance to the next signal, and the number on the upper right shows the current time.

After a while, it was announced that the next station was approaching.

Now that you can see the station, press the ↑ key to slow down the train. By the way, you don't have to stop at the station.

When you stop at the station, you will be evaluated in three stages from A to C depending on the accuracy of the stop position.

Press the Z or C key to open the door and let passengers get on and off.

When the passengers get on and off, don't forget to close the door and pull the steering wheel again to leave the station. Cab Ride is a game that repeats the operations up to this point.

Stopping at a station is a bit difficult and you have to approach the signal until the number in the upper left is close to 0, but you can fine-tune the stop position with the ↑ and ↓ keys.

If you continue as it is, the game will not end, so you need to announce the terminal station. If you press the ← key for 1 second, the terminal station will be announced in this way.

After the announcement, after running for a while, I could see the terminal station.

When you stop at the terminal station, the game ends and the number of stations visited, the percentage of traffic lights you have followed, etc. are displayed.

It's a game where you just keep running on the train, but the point is that you can thoroughly enjoy the calm atmosphere colored by the lines drawn with pixel art and the 8-bit sound. By switching to the automatic driving mode, you can even abandon the operation of the train and enjoy a long and long railroad trip, so it seems that you can use it as background music for work.

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