The trailer of the live-action movie 'Cruella' starring the villain Cruella who appears in '101 Doggy' is released, starring Emma Stone

The trailer of the live-action movie '

Cruella ', which depicts the youth of the villain 'Cruella de Vil ' who is trying to make a coat with the fur of Dalmatian puppies, which appears in Disney's masterpiece movie ' 101 Doggy', has been released rice field. Emma Stone, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 'La La Land ,' will play the role of Cruella in her youth.

Disney's Cruella | Official Trailer --YouTube

'From a very early stage, I knew that the world was different from other people,' he said.

Young Cruella played by Emma Stone. The hair is wavy red hair, not the trademark black and white hair color on the left and right.

Cruella crosses the road without worrying about cars passing by.

On the other hand, it was Baroness von Hermann (act: Emma Thompson ) who is in charge of the fashion house that hires Cruella who got off the luxury car.

'Some people didn't accept me.'

'But I'm not living for everyone,' continues Cruella's confession.

Cruella's favorite car, the

Panther De Ville , runs through the vast grounds.

On the license plate, there is the word 'DEV IL', which is a play on 'De Ville'.

'I think everyone was always afraid of me becoming a psycho,' followed by Cruella's low laughter.

Cruella's minions Jasper (act:

Joel Fry ) and Horace (act: Paul Walter Hauser ) got into the car ...

Cruella dressed in a white outfit.

Cruella, who confesses that 'there is a new opportunity on a new day,' headed to the hall where the masquerade ball was held.

Three Dalmatians roaring towards Cruella.

What attracts everyone's attention is ...

Cruella holding a lit match.

When you drop the match, the costume burns at once ...

A red dress appeared from underneath. I have already dyed my hair black and white and permed it. 'You say,'

I'm a woman, listen to the cry. ''

Cruella runs on the road at night with rough driving.

A large number of insects pop out of the open door and people panic.

Cruella, who says, 'I'm just getting started, darling,' has sex appeal and danger.

Cruella running on a motorcycle.

In the party venue where everyone dyed their hair black and white ...

Cruella has a shining knife in her hand.

'I was wonderful by nature'

'It was evil by nature'

'And a little crazy'

Cruella makes a big laugh.

A figure standing in a burning flame ...

Anxious cuts appear one after another, such as a mansion that burns with melamella in the city at night.

With a messy hair and a soothing face, he muttered, 'I'm Cruella.'

'Cruella' will be released simultaneously in the United States and Japan on May 28, 2021 (Friday).

The 'Cruella' Blu-ray is available for purchase on Amazon.

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