Nissin Yakisoba UFO 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' tasting review that was driven out with 'bonito flavored dashi flakes'

From Monday, March 1, 2021, ' Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba ', which expresses the traditional Japanese food culture 'dashi' with the 'dark' world view of Nissin Yakisoba UFO Will appear. I tried a pair of 'special Japanese-style dashi sauce', which is a combination of bonito, shiitake mushrooms, and kelp soup stock, and 'dashi flakes,' which are bonito-flavored.

'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' (released March 1) | Nissin Foods Group

This is the package of 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba'.

The content is 112g, and the usual UFO is 128g, so it's almost the same. The package size is about the same.

Looking at the raw materials, I can't find any unusual ingredients such as fried noodles, sauce, and sardines, but the sauce contains dried bonito extract, dried bonito powder, kelp extract, shiitake seasoning, and soup stock. Lots of bonito flakes.

Calories are 501 kcal per meal. Carbohydrate is 67.2g and salt equivalent is 4.8g.

When I looked at the raw materials of the regular version, there was no soup stock, and it was mainly pork extract, pork seasoning oil and pork.

Calories are 556kcal per serving, carbohydrates are 82.6g, and salt equivalent is 5.9g.

When I peeled off the packaging of 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba', the recipe written on the lid was the same as the regular version.

There were two types of items inside, 'sauce' and 'furikake'.

However, if you look closely, the color of the noodles is slightly different, and 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' is slightly reddish.

You should try it anyway! So, pour hot water into 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' ...

Wait 3 minutes.

When I sprinkled the sauce on the drained noodles and mixed them well, a person in the same room commented, 'It smells like an okonomiyaki restaurant ...'.

Finally, sprinkle on it and you're done. The sprinkle contained fried balls and bonito-flavored dashi flakes instead of green laver.

When I try to eat it, the sauce is thick, but the bonito scent that makes me want to describe it as 'gentle' fluffy through my nose. As you mentioned in the comment on the scent, there is an impression like 'the scent of freshly baked okonomiyaki with plenty of flowers', and it seems to be a very familiar taste for people in the Kansai area. is. I didn't feel any difference from the regular version of the noodles, and the crispy fried balls added a nice texture accent.

When I tried the regular version of UFO, it had a junk taste with a unique aroma and a rich sweet and sour sauce. Rather, 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' is closer to general Yakisoba. I felt that 'UFO is not a yakisoba, but a UFO' because I ate yakisoba with a thick and thick sauce.

The suggested retail price of 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dashi Sauce Yakisoba' is 193 yen excluding tax.

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