Mario Golf Series latest work 'Mario Golf Super Rush' for Nintendo Switch announced, you can also play with Joy-Con swing operation

' Mario Golf Super Rush ', the latest work in the Mario Golf series, has been announced. In addition to the conventional controller operation, you can also play with a swing using Joy-Con.

Mario Golf Super Rush [Nintendo Direct 2021.2.18] --YouTube

'Mario Golf Super Rush', the latest work in the Mario Golf series, is now available.

Read the wind blowing on the course ...

Shot while reading the terrain.

You can play golf on a course rich in nature with familiar characters in the Mario series.

A power gauge that shows the slope of the course at a glance ...

There are many functions that are useful for capturing the course, such as a scan function that allows you to check the undulations.

In addition, there is also a 'swing operation' that allows you to hold Joy-Con like a golf club and play. Since the movement of the body is reflected in the play as it is, you can easily enjoy the feeling of golf.

A mode called 'speed golf' has also been added to excite the battle.

Hit the first shot all at once ……

It is a mode to compete for speed to cup in.

Not only golf skills, but also dashes ...

The key to victory is how to use the special move.

In addition, there is also an adventure mode where you can learn how to operate using your own alter ego, Mii.

Mii can strengthen the status with the experience value accumulated in play ...

Of course, you can also use it during battles.

'Mario Golf Super Rush' is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021, and the price is 6578 yen including tax. We are accepting reservations at Nintendo eShop.

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