I tried 5 new Lawson products that you can enjoy the taste of Osaka, such as assorted cutlets supervised by 'Kushikatsu Tanaka'.

On February 16, 2021, five types of ' ham cutlet sandwich, ' ' spicy yaki udon, ' ' kasu udon, ' ' cutlet assorted lunch, ' and ' Tanaka rice ball ' supervised by

Kushikatsu Tanaka , a kushikatsu specialty store, appeared at Lawson. I heard that you can enjoy the taste of cutlet born in Osaka at home, so I decided to try it all.

5 items such as 'Tanaka Onigiri' and 'Kasu Udon' supervised by Kushikatsu Tanaka are on sale | Lawson Official Website

Lawson x Kushikatsu Tanaka Kushikatsu Tanaka supervised new products will be released! (2021/02/12) | Information | Kushikatsu Tanaka

I bought 5 types at Lawson. From the top left of the image are ham cutlet sandwiches, spicy yaki udon, and dregs udon, and from the bottom left are cutlet assorted lunch boxes and Tanaka rice balls.

First of all, I will eat from ham cutlet sandwich. The package looks like this.

The calories are 432 kcal per package. Hamukatsu with sauce, ham egg potato salad with black pepper, etc. are used as raw materials.

When I put it on a plate, it looks like this. There were two ham cutlet sandwiches and one sandwich sandwiched between Kushikatsu Tanaka's popular potato salad.

If you turn over the bread part of the ham cutlet sandwich, you can see the ham cutlet coated with sauce and the finely chopped cabbage.

When you eat a bite, the scent of mustard that comes out of your nose spreads in your mouth. Mustard is not spicy, although it goes through your nose, and it goes well with thick hamukatsu.

The potato salad sandwich has a spicy taste of black pepper. The three sandwiches are quite volumey, and it seems that you can be satisfied with just this one at lunchtime.

Next, I will eat spicy yaki udon.

Seasoned yaki udon and sauce-flavored gelatin are used as raw materials. Calories are 355 kcal per package.

When I remove the packaging, it looks like this. The appearance of udon cannot be confirmed, and egg yolks and leeks are placed on a large amount of bean sprouts.

You need to heat it in the microwave when you eat it. Heat at 500W for 2 minutes and 30 seconds according to the notation.

After heating, the yolk collapsed.

When I pulled out the udon noodles at the bottom of the container with chopsticks, a fairly dark udon noodle appeared. When you eat a bite, the taste of the sauce that feels the stimulus of sweet and spicy chili peppers spreads in your mouth. It may be perfect for cold days because of the spiciness of the stimulus that is not too strong and will come slowly afterwards.

You can enjoy a different taste by eating it with egg yolk or pork.

Next, I'll try the dregs udon.

Udon soup gelatin, oil and so on are used as raw materials. Calories are 353 kcal per package.

When you take the packaging, you can see the appearance of Tororo Kombu and

oil residue inside.

Kasuudon also needs to be heated in the microwave. Heat at 500W for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

After heating, the soup melted and soaked into the tororo kombu.

The udon soup is not salty but has a good dashi stock, and has a light taste that is typical of Kansai. Although you can enjoy the texture and flavor peculiar to hormones, oil residue has no fat, so it is generally low in fat and can be eaten without stomach upset.

Next is the cutlet assorted lunch box. It contains various types of fried food, and white rice, which occupies half of the container, is sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Tonkatsu and chicken cutlet are used as raw materials. The calorie is 964 kcal per package.

It also comes with a sauce in a pouch.

You can also heat it in the microwave if you like. The heating time is written as 2 minutes and 15 seconds at 500 W, so I will try to heat it.

After heating is finished, when you check the inside, it looks like this.

Fried food is pork cutlet ……

Chicken cutlet

Fried Shrimp

There were a total of 5 types of lotus root and potatoes.

I will sprinkle some sauce on it.

The batter has a crispy texture, the meat is tender, and it goes well with the sauce, which has a stronger sweetness than spiciness, and the taste of rice goes on.

The last is Tanaka's rice ball.

The calorie is 179 kcal per package.

Seasoned rice and green onions are used as raw materials.

The rice balls are a little salty and have the flavor of green vegetables and seaweed, and the occasional sesame oil aroma is a nice accent.

The five types purchased this time are on sale at Lawson nationwide, and the prices are 298 yen including tax for 'ham cutlet sandwich', 399 yen including tax for 'spicy yaki udon', 399 yen including tax for 'kasu udon', and 'cutlet assorted lunch box'. Is 698 yen including tax, and 'Tanaka Onigiri' is 120 yen including tax.

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