SNS 'Parler' revived for the first time in a month, due to AWS removal

Although it gained popularity as an SNS without checking the content posted by the operator, ' Parler ' was rejected by Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. as part of the cause of the attack on the Capitol in January 2021 2021 It was revived on February 15, 2014.

Parler is back online after controversy surrounding Jan. 6 Capitol attack --The Washington Post

After Weeks Offline, Parler Finds A New Web Host: California Company SkySilk: NPR

Parler is back online after a month of downtime --The Verge

In recent years, SNS has been conducting fact checks on posted content from the perspective of preventing the spread of false information and political neutrality, and it is virtually far from freedom of expression . Parler who appeared in such flow 'of content moderation in the SNS to profess that it is not done forever', was strongly attracted users who have been troubled to tighter regulation by the recent years of excessive fact-checking.

However, on January 6, 2021, an incident occurred in which supporters of former President Trump invaded the US Capitol. Since it was confirmed that many of the perpetrators of this case were in contact on Parler, Apple and Google each removed Parler from the official store app.

Apple removes moderation-free SNS app 'Parler' from App Store --GIGAZINE

In addition, Amazon, which hosted Parler's service itself on Amazon Web Services (AWS), eliminated Parler as 'violating the terms of service'. I was forced into a situation where the service itself stopped completely.

Amazon also eliminates 'Parler' from its web hosting service, and IT giants are moving to eliminate Parler --GIGAZINE

A month later, on February 15, 2021, Parler made a comeback. Parler is reportedly hosted on SkySilk, a new Los Angeles-based web hosting service. In partnering with Parler, SkySilk 'recognizes that we are receiving radical reactions from people who believe that Parler is a safe haven for the bad guys. We defend and tolerate Hate. Rather, it defends the right to private judgment and denies the roles of judges, juries, and executors. 'He said he was in a position to defend the right to deliver messages. I emphasized.

In addition, Parler has been characterized by 'no moderation' so far, but according to the (PDF file) content guideline announced at the same time as the resurrection, it will utilize both humans and AI in the future. We plan to develop a 'privacy protection process' to remove violent content. However, it does give users the right to sue users to restore posts that have been deleted by the privacy process.

Mark Meckler Mr. interim CEO of Parler is 'has been reconstructed on the basis of the technology Parler of platform independent, so-called' big-Tech does not depend on ' 'commented the.

Parler is in dispute with Amazon on the AWS injunction issue, but the case has been reported as a disadvantage to Parler.

Judge rejects Parler's 'temporary injunction to revive Amazon's web hosting'-GIGAZINE

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