How was the fierce conflict between Facebook and Apple that 'we need to give Apple pain'?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been at odds for a long time due to differences in how they think about how customers handle personal information. On February 13, 2021, The Wall Street Journal released a report describing how the conflict has continued. The turning point was a case of Cambridge Analytica where 50 million user data was illegally used.

Facebook Meets Apple in Clash of the Tech Titans—'We Need to Inflict Pain' - WSJ

WSJ: Zuckerberg tells staff to 'inflict pain' on Apple as privacy battle intensifies - 9to5Mac

Facebook's main source of revenue is targeted advertisements that are displayed based on the user's personal information. I believe that users should be able to choose the information they provide to companies.' The conflict between the two has continued even during the life of Apple's founder Steve Jobs, and many problems have been caused so far.

Apple's Tim Cook CEO accuses Facebook-like business models of leading to violence and polarization - GIGAZINE

On the other hand, Mr. Cook, who became CEO of Apple in 2011, initially called Facebook a 'partner' and talked about the threat posed by Android, but the tension increased in the following years. According to the report, the turning point in the conflict was Cook's public debate in 2018. When asked about the `` Facebook misuse of 50 million user data '' that was discovered in March 2018 at this debate, Mr. Cook said, ``There are meticulous measures to protect personal information. It's necessary, and companies shouldn't have access to the kind of personal information that companies like Facebook have in the first place.' In addition, Mr. Cook self-evaluates that 'Apple has a healthier business model to sell products to users.'

In response to the question ``What would you do if you were in Zuckerberg's position?'' Tim Cook replied, ``I will not fall into such a situation''-GIGAZINE

Mr. Zuckerberg countered this by saying, 'Mr. Cook is not telling the truth.' 'Unlike Apple, which sells products for a profit, Facebook offers its services to its users for free. For such services, an advertising-based business model is the only reasonable model. ”I claim.

When Facebook announced in August 2020 that ``Apple will prohibit the collection of advertising identifiers and IDFAs without user permission in future updates,'' Facebook expressed displeasure, saying, ``Ad revenue will drop dramatically.'' I was. Facebook has strengthened its antipathy to Apple, and in December 2020, it issued an advertisement to the effect that ``Apple will change the Internet for the worse'' in major newspapers. In January 2021, it was also reported that Facebook was preparing a lawsuit, saying that ``Apple's suppression of other companies' revenue acquisition is suspected of violating the antitrust law.''

According to sources, 'Mr. Zuckerberg is getting more and more angry and told his team, 'We need to give Apple more pain.' Although it has been pointed out that Facebook and Apple used to coexist, the conflict between the two with different stances is expected to intensify in the future.

Apple and Facebook seem to be in a hostile relationship, but in fact they have the same interests - GIGAZINE

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