The poster admits that the information that 'Tesla buys Bitcoin' was flowing in advance is just a hoax

In connection with Tesla's purchase of Bitcoin worth 157.7 billion yen , as of January 2021, inside information that 'our company (Tesla) buys Bitcoin' was posted on the social news site Reddit. The fact that it was posted is drawing attention. However, this was a hoax posted by a student unrelated to Tesla using LSD , the New York Post interviewed him.

Reddit user says post on $ 800M Tesla bitcoin buy was a hoax

Reddit user claiming to be Tesla insider now says bitcoin posts were not true | Reuters ago-idUSKBN2A920T

Wie ich heute die internationale Presse getrollt habe: de

The post in question was posted by a user named TSL Insider on January 2, 2021. The title 'Our company buys $ 8 billion worth of Bitcoin' remains, but the content has been deleted by the moderator's judgment that it is 'inappropriate'.

You heard it here first --our company just bought 800M $ USD worth of Bitcoin: TSLA

You heard it here first --our company just bought 800M $ USD worth of Bitcoin from r / TSLA

The deleted content is 'I'm a software developer working in Tesla's R & D department. In the last 72 hours, we've bought 24,701 BTC for an average price of $ 33,142.' 'If published in the newspaper Then, I think the price of Bitcoin will rise further. '

It was initially unknown who the poster was, but the New York Post conducted an interview with TSL Insider using Zoom. He reported that he was a 24-year-old German student, Hendrick, who had nothing to do with Tesla. The mysterious post 'I TOLD YOU SO' that TSL Insider made to Reddit is said to prove his identity during this interview.


According to an interview, Hendrick witnessed an exchange on Twitter between Elon Musk and Michael Sailor, a businessman known as a Bitcoin proponent, while using LSD with his girlfriend. He thought that 'Mr. Musk should buy Bitcoin' and also had the intuition that Mr. Musk would invest in Bitcoin, so he made the post.

Mr. Hendrick's post came to the fore as Tesla actually bought Bitcoin . 'It's a little funny and scary,' commented Hendrick. Mr. Hendrick himself has been a Bitcoin investor since he was a teenager and praises Mr. Musk who decided to buy Bitcoin.

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