'Fruit caramel corn' tasting review that integrates 'fruit sourness' of Amaou strawberry and Setouchi lemon and caramel corn

From February 15, 2021 (Monday), ' Fruit Caramel Corn / Strawberry Flavor ' and ' Fruit Caramel Corn / Lemon Flavor ' that reproduce the taste of sweet and sour seasonal fruits using pulp and juice for the dough and syrup Will appear. I got a caramel corn with a rich fruit flavor earlier, so I actually tried it.

50th anniversary of the birth of caramel corn! Campaign starts from March 23 ♪ 50th anniversary commemorative products 1st 'Fruit caramel corn / strawberry flavor' 'Fruit caramel corn / lemon flavor' new release-News release | Tohato


The left is the fruit caramel corn 'Amaou strawberry flavor' and the right is 'Setouchi lemon flavor'.

Compared to normal caramel corn (right), the size is a little smaller.

Let's start with 'Amaou Strawberry Flavor'. Strawberry 7.9%, strawberry juice 3.4% (raw equivalent), strawberry powder using Amaou (36% in strawberry powder), strawberry puree.

According to the nutrition facts label, 363kcal per bag standard 65g.

Looking at the raw material names, in addition to the same ingredients as the regular caramel corn such as corn grits, vegetable oil and sugar, strawberry powder, strawberry puree, concentrated strawberry juice, etc. were used.

When I opened it, the sweet and sour scent of strawberries rose from the pink caramel corn.

The regular version of caramel corn contains 80g per bag, so the amount of fruit caramel corn is a little small.

The size of each is almost the same.

When I tried it, the moment my tongue touched the surface of the fruit caramel corn, the sourness that I felt from the strawberry juice spreads slowly, and it is a finish that is different from the usual 'strawberry milk taste' etc. .. As the word 'rich fruit taste' means, the sweet and sour taste of the fruit is concentrated, but on the other hand, the texture is light and easy to eat, so it's hard to stop eating.

Next, go to 'Lemon flavor using lemon from Setouchi'. It is said that lemon powder is used with 10% lemon (raw equivalent) and Setouchi lemon (61% of lemon is used).

The calorie per bag of 65g is 364kcal ...

In addition to corn grits and vegetable oils, lemon powder and concentrated lemon juice are used.

It looks like this when placed on a plate.

This also has the sourness of lemon that seems to squeeze the mouth the moment the surface touches the tongue. The scent is a little similar to that of artificial lemon, but the bittersweetness of the citrus peel remains as an aftertaste, making it a must-try for those who like lemon sweets.

The fruit caramel corn can be purchased from February 15, 2021, and the price is 141 yen excluding tax.

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