I tried the 'Takumi / Sirloin steak taste' that the taste of sirloin steak was condensed into a stick with a crispy texture.

' Takumi Sirloin Steak Flavor ', which is a crispy hard-baked stick with the flavor of sirloin steak, which is the royal road of steak, has been released on February 8, 2021. The sixth installment of the 'Takumi' series, in which a snack confectionery craftsman carefully prepares the dough to create a taste that is just like the food itself, uses beef oil and beef powder to create a sirloin-specific beef fat and lean taste. It is said that it reproduces, so I actually ate it to see if I could really feel the sirloin steak from the snacks.

Authentic food snack made by Takumi New release of beef flavor 'Takuuma Sirloin Steak Flavor' with rock salt and black pepper-News Release | Tohato


This is the 'Takumi / Sirloin Steak Flavor' cup. On the side of the cup, it says 'Sirloin steak flavor with rock salt and black pepper' ...

A catchphrase was also printed to convey the texture, saying, 'Crispy and hard-baked!'

If you look at the raw material column, you can see that 'sirloin steak flavored powder', 'beef powder', 'beef oil', etc. are used.

The standard calorie is 185 kcal per 40 g.

When I opened the lid of the cup, I found a stick with a diamond-shaped cross section.

The length of the stick is about 7 cm in actual measurement.

When asked to eat by multiple people, some commented that 'it feels like steak gravy with french fries' and 'flavor of beef tallow after grilled meat', while 'flavor is more like beef jerky'. Some people comment. You can't say, 'This is definitely a sirloin steak!', But when you chew a hard-baked stick, the taste of beef, the aroma of roasted meat, and the flavor of pepper gradually spread in your mouth. Since my hands are stuck, I felt that it was a perfect snack not only for snacks when I was hungry but also for alcoholic snacks.

The price of 'Takumi Sirloin Steak Flavor' is 132 yen excluding tax, and it will be sold in advance at convenience stores from February 8, 2021 (Monday), and will be on sale from February 22 on the general route.

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