iPhone unlocking is now possible with face recognition even with the mask on iOS 14.5

Face ID of the face authentication function is adopted in Apple's iPhone OS 'iOS', but as a result of being obliged to wear a mask in the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the terminal can be unlocked just by turning the face There was an adverse effect of not being able to do it. In iOS 14.5, it has become clear that 'unlocking with face recognition while wearing a mask' is possible without removing the mask or entering a passcode.

iOS 14.5 adds support for unlocking your iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask --9to5Mac

Face ID on iPhone is an authentication function that allows you to instantly unlock your device by simply turning your face, even if you are wearing glasses or a hat. However, if you wear a mask that covers the lower half of your face, you will not be able to unlock it. Therefore, when going out where it was essential to wear a mask, I had to take the trouble to remove the mask and enter a passcode to unlock the device and use the payment function Apple Pay.

Apple is aware of the incompatibility between masks and Face ID, and at the end of April 2020, it was the first to test the ability to skip Face ID in the beta version of iOS 13.5.

The ability to skip Face ID when wearing a mask and the COVID-19 contact tracking API are included in iOS 13.5 beta version --GIGAZINE

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And at the time of writing the article, it is clear that iOS 14.5, which is in beta for developers, has a function that allows you to unlock the iPhone with Face ID even while wearing a mask. .. However, you must be wearing an Apple Watch to unlock while wearing the mask.

Joanna Stern, a tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal, said, 'Apple is just as frustrated as our users when it comes to unlocking the iPhone while wearing a mask with the release of iOS 14.5 developer beta. It was confirmed that it was done. '

The important thing is that if you turn off 'Wrist Detection' on your Apple Watch, you won't be able to unlock it while wearing the mask. About this, Apple said, 'If Face ID detects a face wearing a mask, the iPhone can be unlocked using the Apple Watch, but the Apple Watch is close to the user and is wrapped around the wrist. It must be unlocked and protected by a passcode. '

In addition, in order to maintain security, it seems that a function to quickly lock the iPhone from the Apple Watch will also be installed.

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